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June 28 2010

Potential Cast - Episode One. Hey guys! I hope everyone will check out this great new Buffy The Vampire Slayer Podcast, Potential Cast. They just uploaded their first episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth." It's a pretty unique cast in that two or three of the hosts have never seen BTVS before, adding a fun perspective.

OMG I loved the count down to the spoiler alert. lol
These guys are very silly, but I've rewatched 'BtVS' with a lot of friends who had never seen it before, and our discussions often went like this one.
Planned for the weekend when I can process it. ;)
It was OK but it seemed more like a "Oh let's all say the things we don't like about this episode" rather than an actual discussion, it was funny at times, but I disagreed with pretty much everything they said.
Definitely enjoyed this, I love how unspoiled most of them are! I hope they continue to the end.

Some of the criticisms did rankle me a little but I don't think I really disagreed with many of them. S1 took me a while (several rewatches) to love.
I loved this so much and I really enjoyed it. I agree with most of what they said and their criticisms are completely valid, IMO.
Meh. They seem to be trying a little too hard to find fault and be snarky. Much prefer Myles' reviews on his Cultural Catchup Project.
I felt they were simply giving their first impressions...which can be pretty negative for various episodes of S1. The actors were finding their footing. Joss was figuring out what he was doing, and the audience is figuring out what he is doing. They are coming in with a lot of preconceptions and admitting it. It will be interesting to see when it clicks and they each really get the show.

Damn. Chris in VA. would have enjoyed this.

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