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June 29 2010

A Buffyverse Character Makes New List of Top 5 Hottest Vampires. Click ahead to see what who it is and what place he (that shouldn't spoil anything) comes in at!

Nice to see Angel get the nod, but he should have been #1. Bela Lugosi may be iconic, but I wouldn't exactly call him "hot." And choosing True Blood's Bill Compton over Eric Northman? Obviously the writer of the piece needs new glasses.
Ah that's nice! He's so under-appreciated. But definitely should have been number one!
Kudos to the great poof!
Yup, should have been number one followed by Spike (or vice versa - both were hot). Just glad Edward didn't get number one!
Spike's always my number one (and I've known a lot of vampires - just look at my DVD shelves.)
sigh ... again.
Yay, honestly, I don't mind Angel being beat out by Dracula, because, you know Dracula. I'm just happy he beat out Edward Cullen and Bill from True Blood. Then again, I've had a soft spot for Angel since I was fourteen.

(I love Spike too, but Angel does it for me more. I like big men.)
He wears lifts.
This list "sucks". Spike is so much hotter, heck even Damon is hotter than Angel, now if it had been Angelus that would be another thing.
Angel would be on my list, though. Don't want to disparage the big guy. So would Bill and Nick Knight.
His hair sticks straight up.
He said this

If there is no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do.

Which in my book is the most uplifting, inspirational piece of dialogue that a Whedonverse character has ever said. That is one of the many reason why I adore Angel over practically anyone else.
Agreed Simon, he hung so much guilt on himself and signed away all that he had wanted and still believed in something better. That's the best part of him, well that and face...and the arms, the torso, legs, all the inbetween parts too...actually just the whole package!
Nose optional.


I know the list as generated is supposed to contain the literary? descendants of Dracula and therefore all the "hot" vampires needed to presumably be male... but Vamp Willow's hotter. And going by the Xand-o-meterTM, so was Spike. ;)

And did y'all catch the reason women love vampires as being part of the "...old-school vampires appealed to our sense of danger and women's love of bad boys..."? Heh.

These New Vampires have a soft side and appeal to a desire to be protected. However, the underlying thrill of danger remains, as there's no telling if their iron will might snap, turning them into a wild animal!

It's ba-a-ack...

I guess they could be trying to say (deep underneath) that danger is integral to making us feel alive, and if we who live in a relatively safe,privileged society don't have enough natural dangers to keep us on our toes, we, as human beings, will seek out our challenges and thrills elsewhere--like vicariously through controlled fantasies.

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Lugosi's Dracula, like all versions, was seductive and sexually menacing, and he was a good-looking man in any real sense of the word but he was 41 in a time when that was much older than it is now and probably already a heavy drinker and cigar smoker. (Lugosi would probably be consdiered a silent film sex symbol if his older Hungarian and German films survived; problem is two wars and decades of age don't agree with nitrate film.)

I can see David getting on here and high given that he's a fairly big current name and definitely fits most of the conventional leading-man criteria. I'm no real judge but, while James might be better looking for his type than David is for his, James's good looks is more quirky than textbook.

The absence of the female vamps isn't surprising. For one, none of them were as in-front as Angel and Spike. Secondly, rankings like these are based on how sexually appealing a character is to the audience (and, as a corrollary, how much that aspect palys into how they are presented on-screen) and Darla, Drusilla, and Harmony were not mainly presented in that way or for that intent.

And "true happiness" is not fundamentally or even necessarily sexual, as we real fans know :-).

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What, no mention of Barnabas Collins? He was the first vampire ever to be considered a sex symbol. Just ask any teenage girl from the 1960s. He was on teen magazine covers and everything. Where's the love?

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