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June 30 2010

Vinyl artwork for the River Tam and the Fireflies "Serenity" album. This is retro awesomeness.

I like that he'll be selling prints of the album art.
This is pure win!
This is pure awesome.
This is sweet, and I like the additional Dollhouse reference, but where, oh where, is Shepherd Book?
The song titles are a hoot! Love that Wash is playing a washboard, and Jayne is drinking his jug, not playing it. Zoe has an axe, and Inara a violin - perfect! A lot of thought went into this, and more than a little talent and creativity. Sa-weet.
So as awesome as this is, I have to ask - how is this not breaking a ton of copyright infringement laws?
Oh my word, I love this.
This is cute (love the accordian) but yeah, where's Shepherd Book?
As was mentioned above, where's Book? Having only eight of the nine BDH's makes this venture a far cry from "awesome" in my opinion.
Matt7325...this is a spoof of the BDH, so it's OK. If this was for real, I could also picture this as a Cartoon Network special
Yep, nice job--even if no one plays the stand-up washtub string base. ;)
Nice Dollhouse shout-out with the "Three Flowers in a Vase" title. I realize this probably puts me in an extreme minority, but I genuinely preferred Dollhouse to Firefly.
Somehow I missed the You Tube clip of NASA astronauts hearing the Serenity theme as a wakeup call while the Earth spins behind the space station. Was that posted here in mid February? If it wasn't, the link to it is in this item.

Love the album cover, front and back, and the record label. Graphic style is spot on for the transition from mono to stereo around 1964. Could be improved by a more colorful outfit for Kaylee, as well as inclusion of the Shepherd.
dance4days I too prefer Dollhouse! But this is very cute!
I can't tell you how much I love this. He has nailed the fifties folk/popular album design style so cleverly that I am overwhelmed with acquisition lust and design envy. Want want want.

*takes calming breath*

I like it so much so that I may have to trundle my ancient bones down to Gallery 1988 on the 9th to see the show. And I'll be sure to get a print.

"Mastered by Joss." Hee.
Made me laugh. Bought. Of course she'd play the tambourine. Awesome. Looks like the print doesn't include the back, but that's ok.
"where, oh where, is Shepherd Book?"

Somewhere with his fingers in his ears, I suspect!
@will.bueche Maybe this is the very reason he left the ship, and sought Haven, in the intervening years between Firefly and Serenity? Which makes it very time specific. Inara is still there. And is it just me or does River's tambourine look a bit like a primary buffer panel?
QuoterGal, if you actually go to the gallery event in LA, it looks like you can buy the actual "album" (front and back artwork glued onto a blank 12" cover I'd imagine). I may be mistaken.

Viewingfigures: win.
I gathered that, will.bueche - it'll be interesting to see what kindof price tag it sports. I'd certainly miss having the back and the record labels w/ just the print.
Whoever buys the album had better tell us what's on it.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2010-06-30 23:04 ]
"Mastered by Joss" - so perfect!
What everyone said.
This is so cute! And the likeness of each of the characters - it's just made of awesome.
Oh gosh, think I must pick up one of these. You know, just to add to the collection....besides, I've a perfect place to display it. And River is one of my favorite characters....ahh, give me a sec, I'll can always think of more reasons!

Here's the question. Does anyone have a record player to even play these things anymore?! Mine died years ago!
The back cover is now up for sale too (link).
Matt7325, as impalergeneral said, you should'nt believe in flying discs. They don't exist.

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