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June 30 2010

John Scalzi - Your Pre-Canada Day Appreciation of Canadians in Science Fiction. Nathan Fillion and Jewel Staite get a mention in John Scalzi's list of Canadians in Science Fiction.

Tomorrow I'll be wearing my Canadian SF t-shirt. It's from a con in the 90s, so there's no current references.

X-Files (the show, many cast including the Gunmen, Spender, Cancer Man), The Doctor Who movie (Yee Jee Tso), Lorne Greene (Battlestar Galactica), ReBoot, Lois Maxwell from Stingray and, if you have Captain Kirk you have to have Jimmy Doohan (Scotty.)
Apparently they're bringing ReBoot back as a movie in the next year or two (pretty sure it's gonna be a continuation/conclusion, not a revamp/reboot). Not sure if it's intended for direct-to-DVD (likely?) or theatrical debut. Mainframe Entertainment (which made most of the computer animated fare that aired on YTV--or ABC in the States--back in the `90s) got bought out/merged into Rainmaker. is an official site that might have info.

Canadians end up in a lot of sci-fi due to so much of it being shot here (especially in Vancouver), much of the time due to the Sci-Fi Channel wanting to make their shows, minis, and movie-of-the-weeks on the cheap.

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