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"Yeah, but she's our witch."
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June 30 2010

The Sex Lives of Vampires. Amusing graphic that includes one of our vamps.

Ok, this won't make much sense to me, since I'm not familiar with most of those vampires. I clicked merely to see which vamp was featured. (And would someone please explain to me the popularity of the "That's What She Said" quote?)

However, I keep reading this headline as "Sex, Lies and Vampires." Which...ya know...could make for an interesting movie.
Sex, lies and Vampires? Sounds amazing! Let's put it together! All the members get in on it...the first ever Whedonesque feature length production!
Oh yeah I got totally lost in that link too, just confusing!!
"That's What She Said" has been around forever, maybe longer. It cycles around periodically but afaik the latest round was churned up again by Michael Scott, Steve Carrel's obnoxious character on The Office. Usually popular with kids, I've never seen it this in use by adults. Pretty much everyone I know has used it at least once. Always gets a snicker. *shrugs*, It's a quick, cheap funny.
BlueSkies I don't know what the original S,L&V movie was about, but my crazy brain is coming up with some kind of political scandal plot, which always seem to be popular.

Hmm. The Presidential candidate is really a vampire? Ooh! And his opponent is really a werewolf!

Willowy Ah. That would explain why I was in the dark as to it's current "pop incarnation" - I don't watch that show. In fact, I'm getting pretty fed up w/the Despicable Me ads that keep popping up during NBC shows. Yes, I get it - Steve Carrel is in the movie. Big deal. They even had someone dressed like one of the minions (OK - those guys are CUTE! I especially love the "cow can" trailer.) show up on Last Comic Standing.

Does this mean that the next time David gets a movie, or when Serenity Too comes out, FOX & ABC are gonna run ads constantly for them? Sheesh!
It's a quick, cheap funny.

That's what she said.
... said the actress to the Bishop.
This doesn't look that much like but reminds me of a psoter I saw in a doctor's office about how many people a venereal disease spreads to over a certain time.

Shows again how you can hook up interesting character chains between properties.

Some of my co-workers bought me a boxed set with the first 5(?) seaosns of The Office; I watched the first disk, didn't get it, and gave up. (They're the only DVDs of mine I put into storage instead of taking to my new room in February, partly ebccaue each disk was in an idnidual soft palstic shetah and I didn't feel like going thru it for bugs.) I thought it was a catchphrase from the Gilmore Girls, which I also didn't watch; the only place I've seen the phrase was in a Willow-Tara fic at the Kittenboard :-).

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