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June 30 2010

Christina Hendricks talks body image. In an interview with Amy Spencer of Health magazine, Christina talks about weight, workouts, and dealing with criticism.

There's also a cute new 'exclusive' video interview with Christina (and Elizabeth Moss and January Jones) on the Jezebel website. They talk about clothes and how they feel about their characters' places in the story at the end of season 3 and how the allure of 60s men compares with the men of today (Christina and Elizebeth gave excellent answers to that question!).

I tried to check the AMC website to see if they had it as well, but I just get messages telling me that I shouldn't be looking at their website since I'm not in the US. I kept trying to show them my passport, but they were having none of it.

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Lovely, modest and honest, as always.
That is a wonderful interview, I'm so happy for Christina's success and her being happily wed!
I love her so much.
Awww, she's lovely inside as well as out.

It's so cringe-making to think she's read any of that toxic crap people write about her - and every other woman (& man, but to a lesser extent) in the business. I loathe the way people talk about actors & other notables as if their beauty is just there for our criticism and enjoyment - and as if they're not people with feelings.

She's got a good healthy attitude about it, though - and about a lot of other stuff, including body image. I thought she was a good egg when she showed up at Flan Backup Bash, but this and other interviews I've read with her really confirm it.

Never knew that about leaning against the cow's udders while milking. Good solid information. ; >
Great interview. I find it cool that she went to the same high school my little brother goes too, but then it says she's lived all over the place so I don't think she's coming around here soon haha.
She always comes across as so fundamentally switched on and down to Earth. Canny lass. Good intel about milking a cow too, you never know when that could come in handy ;).

And, obviously, gorgeous with it to boot.
Love that she knits as well. Wonder if she's made her own Saffron shawl?
In the midst of watching Season 2 of Mad Men (AMC's putting a season every couple weeks onto OnDemand to catch folks up before Season 4 premieres). Fantastic series, no surprise given all the praise it's gotten.

So glad I grew up in a period where smoking's banned from workplaces in much of the Western world. Got increasingly sensitive to second-hand smoke throughout my childhood and teens (mom and her mom smoked, in the house, all the time. Mom quit for my younger sister and Grandma quit only eight years ago when a cousin was born) and the restaurant/bar ban happened in the early `00s when I was working in a bar/nightclub, huge difference. It's funny to see how prevalent it is/was in the 1960s--at the dinner table, in bed, on the couch, in the boardroom...and then they scoff at a Reader's Digest article making claims about smoking's harms.

Plus many of them are at least borderline alcoholics.

On the plus side, they maybe had cleaner outside air back in the day, before greater populations and increased pollution (though that's maybe not taking into context the increased use of coal-generated power plants and other differences in technologies).

The gender treatments alone could generate/re-generate discussions for dozens of threads...Once I'm done Season 3 and there's no fear of spoilers, gonna look up a bunch of articles about that.

Love pretty much all the characters (even the love-to-loathe types, though it's hard to truly loathe any of them, being fictional and the show being really good about showing everyone's vulnerabilities/potential reasons for being messed up). Thought Joan was gonna be a lot more stereotypically "mean girl"/bitchy at the outset of Season 1, but was happy to find she's been written as a lot more nuanced (loved her non-reaction to her friend/roomate coming out to her. Was bizarre and kinda chilling, but felt appropriate to the character and the way I've imagined some folks might've dealt with such revelations back before public awareness increased significantly).

Like the looks of the characters (even if there's a bit too much clonishness going on among the ad agency men). Kartheiser looked a lot better as Connor on Angel, but his pasty, dorky/douchey look as Pete fits the character to a t (heh, there's this one ep in Season 2 that has the employees coming in on a Sunday dressed casually and Pete's in a sweater and way-too-short white shorts. I know, I know, folks'll look back on us in 50 years and make fun of the fashion trends of today).
Ah-ha! She's a savory snacker! I can resist every sweet in the book, but put a pretzel nearby and it mysteriously disappears. Priceless to know about that french onion dip alternative. Must try - thanks, Christina!

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