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July 01 2010

(SPOILER) Spike #1 Q&A at Slayalive. Brian Lynch is doing a Q&A for the upcoming Spike ongoing (which will be solicited next month).

And a very interesting tidbit from Brian in the answers re: IDW's Angelverse comics:

"Joss has contacted IDW about making everything click, yes. And it will. And yes, it takes place before TWILIGHT. "

When I try to visit the link it says, "Cannot connect to the server." Anyone else having troubles, or is it just me? o.0 Otherwise: "OMGGGGGGG. EPIC NEWS." -Dies-
Seems fine at my end.
I got it working! Just have to use the proboards link instead of the main, for some reason. Thanks for the reply though. :)
By the end of the first arc, you'll see where it fits. And OH it fits.

Our link has been acting a little wonky lately. I've had problems getting to the site at times, and I Mod the damn thing! :)
The proboards link does seem to work a better most of the time.
There is also a small Buffyfest interview with brian here about the Spike series.
Very reassuring, these Q&As can be. Helps the potential reader/customer make an informed decision about whether to risk the cash ('cause comics are just like the lottery or going to the movies--no guarantee that you're gonna win/be satisfied with what you purchased, plus comics usually cost considerably more for less entertainment time than film/TV).

Glad to hear that Lynch is on board with making his stories fit with Season 8 and that Joss has talked to IDW as a whole about Buffy/Angel continuity. Folks are gonna still take or leave these as they see fit, even with canon status/logical continuity granted or at least attempted by Joss, but at least they're trying. It might turn out looking less obviously patchwork.

But "black scythe" ? What is this, like the DC Universe and all it's many different colored Lantern rings ? Did Buffy's/Fray's/the Slayer line's scythe need an opposing or companion piece ? I thought the one Spike was holding in the Illyria-induced flash-forward glimpse was the red scythe and that it was a potentially cool/somewhat intriguing tease that he would eventually get his hands on it (even if that was never followed up on).

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Back in the day, Brian confirmed that whatever axe-doohicky thing Spike was holding was NOT the Slayer Scythe. He just said it was an axe. Apparently it's more than merely an axe now.
If Joss' name is on whatever series that makes Angel click with Buffy Season 8, I'll buy it.

Otherwise, I'm treating everything post-Angel: After The Fall #17 as non-canon.
Thanks, Brian, for doing this Q&A. The more I hear about the upcoming Spike series, the more I'm looking forward to reading your series, and I was already excited about it.

Things I loved reading:
1. Brian will be writing this series as long as they let him. Here's hoping that it will be a looong time. I love how Brian writes these characters. Also, his books are so full of dialogue, action and character development, that each one feels like a full episode rather than one act.

2. Joss is working with IDW to make sure that the two stories work together. We already know that Joss trusts Brian's story telling. It sounds like Brian has a long term plan, so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.

3. The first story, and maybe others, will take place outside of LA. It's been firmly established in both "Buffy" and "Angel" that Spike hates LA. Now that LA is no longer in Hell, it makes sense for him to leave LA and strike out on his own. To me, it doesn't make sense for him to stay there. I also like that by leaving LA he won't be in Angel's shadow. I'd like to see Spike establish himself without always being compared to Angel. I'm kind of tired of that refrain continually being replayed. It will be interesting to see Spike on his own, figuring out who he is, who he wants to be and how he can become that person or vampire.

4. George and Beck are appearing. I love George, his friendship with Spike, and love the big brother/little sister relationship between Spike and Beck. I like Spike establishing friendships and his own network/crew unconnected to Buffy or Angel.

5. So far Harmony isn't figuring in the story. I know I'm in the minority, but that character just grates on my nerves. Whenever she appears it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

6. I hope Tok and Spider also appear. I may be in the minority (or non-vocal majority)again, but I really liked Spider. She's intriguing. I think there is a lot of story potential with her. A single issue with her back story would be great. Though given the Illyria flash-forward, I'm a little sad to think that it will be Spike who may kill her. However, who knows what leads up to it or if it will even happen. Maybe cutting off her head doesn't kill her (kind of like Lorne). I'm willing to wait and see how the story plays out.

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