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July 02 2010

Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters join David Fury on Fox's Terra Nova. Unveiled by Deadline Hollywood within production drama for CBS' Chaos which wanted the duo in writing staff.

Just a fun blurb at the end of the 6th paragraph, but it's a interesting article on the woes of drama that goes between network and studio when they're not the same company.

So what does this mean for that Weeds ripoff they were developing? (Or did that not get picked up for this season?)
Sounds like something from an episode of Entourage.
Only, you know .... not funny.
Wonderful news! WIth so many 24 writers on this show I was very concerned that there wasn't going to be any women writers on this one too. I love their work and amthrilled they are going to be on this staff. Terra Nova is the upcoming show I am most eagerly anticipating. Very high concept stuff.

I saw the first episode of Chaos and don't blame CBS a bit.

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