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July 02 2010

Lebanon, TN All-Day CSTS Charity Event this Saturday. There's a Scavenger Hunt, barbeque, Dr. Horrible sceening with Kara-Yucky singing along, Serenity Screening, Belly-Dancing Showcase, Browncoats: Redemption screening & bonfire.

Charities Equality Now and Hands On Nashville.

CSTS 2010 event listings

It's an Independents' day on Independence Day!

(by the way, this is one of seven cities that won the rights to show the full-length rough-cut of Browncoats: Redemption. I'm so excited to be able to attend one of these CSTS screenings!)

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How did cities win? Was it a drawing or judging?
Eeek, left off the s on Browncoat...
I believe it was a judging of essays that were submitted by location organizers, with the theme/thesis of describing how the host city fit into the 'verse. Some of the B:R crew served as the judges if I remember right from their Facebook Fan Page.
Sounds like tremendous fun.

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