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July 02 2010

100 Greatest Movie Insults (NSFW). NSFW due to some rather strong and offensive language. Includes a clip of Julie Benz from "As Good as it Gets" (4:25) and a clip from "Dodgeball" (7:35) though it is sans Alan Tudyk.

There are probably some other Whedonverse connections that could be made, but Julie Benz was the most obvious.

I did a double take when Julie showed up. I didn't remember her being in that movie.
Yeah, it's a small part but everyone remembers that scene (if not her) and I'm pretty sure it was in the trailers.
How they left off Kristi Swanson as Buffy asking Sutherland "Does Elvis talk to you?" is beyond me.
InevtiableTraitor: Do you read Pajiba? (it's a movie/TV/book etc review site...) I ask because often I see the same posts on Whedonesque as on Pajiba, including this one. I love both sites!
I'm watching and thinking, whoa. We're almost to the end, no Taunting Frenchman, the Holy Grail of Movie Insults.

Redeemed. Good list.
the Holy Grail of Movie Insults

oh you
I do not know who or what Pajiba is. This video had just been circulating on Facebook and when I watched it, I noticed our lovely miss Benz.
I think that F bombs beat this year's MTV movie awards…

Now I need to track down the movies I don't recognize. Not as many as I'd've thought ;)
Those were terrrible. I could not even make it through.

Thanks for posting the Benz scene though. I remembered the lines but not Julie.
I agree, lottalettuce. I enjoy the clever in dress-downs -- anyone can string foul words together. Quantity over quality, meh.
I loved this. Planes, Trains & Automobiles is my all-time favorite comedy. Also MAD LOVE for Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda.
Though I would've loved to have seen James Cagney smashing the grapefruit into Mae Clark's face.

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