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July 03 2010

IF Magazine interviews Emma Caulfield about 'Timer', now on DVD. "The actress talks about her love for her new movie, the comic book she's co-created and what she got out of years on Buffy."

Very nice interview, although the article's editors really need to decide if the writer/director's name is Jack, Jac, or Jaq.
Nice interview, and the movie is really enjoyable too.
Just finished watching it on Netflix. I liked it a lot. Enough to watch it straight through without getting distracted, which is kind of rare for me.
I saw it in Blockbuster last night... need to rent!
Wait. . .there are still Blockbuster stores?
Well, iwantthefireback64, you know Topher wasn't *really* obsolete, he just felt that way ... :)
I'm just smiling reading an interview of Emma. Gosh, I so miss her! Wonderfully talented actress.

Thank you for the report, RavenU. You're so good!
Thanks Madhatter, but you need to thank Abbie who always has the great interviews with the 'verse people.

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