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July 03 2010

50 Movie Twitterers You Should Follow. The list from Empire includes Eliza Dushku and Nathan Fillion.

They have a few good people on there, but any list without Felicia Day (and Stephen Fry doesn't show up until #50!?) isn't a very savvy list IMO. Personally I would rate Brian Lynch ahead of most of these people, because at least his tweets are entertaining.
When one of the commenters mentioned John Cleese (who should be followed!) I noticed that John Lithgow, StephenAtHome (Stephen Colbert), Patton Oswalt, and Brent Spiner are not there either!

Oh I see: they aren't looking for interesting people on twitter, they are just looking for people who have appeared in movies!

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I heart NF. Almost makes me want to join Twitter so I can follow him...almost.
You're holding out as well then, luv4whedon? Same here buddy. Maybe we should start a support group.

Hello. I'm KaiUno and I just can't get myself hooked on Twitter.
embers, good report, but I still have cold feet with the twitter thing. I just find it impersonal.
Madhatter: it depends upon who is tweeting; Felicia Day, and Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon both manage to say funny, entertaining, and personal (as in personal observations... not personal as in embarrassing) things. Myself I never tweet anything because Stephen Fry actually follows me (I followed him back before he had over a million followers) and I wouldn't want to say anything stupid to scare him off! Brian Lynch's tweets are impersonal, but they are very funny/puny reviews of movies and other things I'm interested in.
Where did they get that portrait shot of Eliza? It's very nice and I don't think I've ever seen it before. Google Image Search and I are good friends at this game. How could we have missed one? :)
Yes, I understand that. It's just, when I make a statement here, it's amongst people that I know. And, whether they feel to toss fruits or praises, I've an understanding of it. Guess this is an old story, color me as such.
Hello. I'm KaiUno and I just can't get myself hooked on Twitter.

Hee :). I'll join your support group! I'm not sure I get Twitter. Prolly for the best. I procrastinate too much as it is.
Never mind, just thinking silly again.

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I do enjoy Eliza's Twitter.
I'm too lazy to click through 50 pages. Does it include @adamsbaldwin and @juliebenz? Because, if not, it doubly fails (failure for lack of @feliciaday being already noted).
I'm not sure I get Twitter. Prolly for the best.

I can see how twitter can be usefull. If it's celebrities, I get it. If it's just regular joe... not so much.

Then again, when Joss makes the plunge, I'll be there. (He doesn't fall in the regular joe category.)

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You don't have to join twitter to read
Yep, that was pretty much the answer I was expecting.
Hello. I'm KaiUno and I just can't get myself hooked on Twitter.

I'm right there with you kaiuno and it sounds like we could have recruited some members already.

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Alrighty, I've apparently ended up being a Twitter cheerleader or apologist, depending on how you look at it, but I like Twitter a lot.

I can see not being interested in Twitter, but if you don't use it and are interested in finding out more about it, read my extremely longwinded and therefore un-Twitter-like explanation. (I wrote it to a couple of Friend-Gonerses who also didn't see any value in checking out Twitter, so it is in answer to some specific questions and criticisms, rather than a generic explanation. It is pretty thorough, however. ; >)

Here I'll just say - your Twitter group can be as small and intimate, or populated and ka-raaazy as you choose to make it. You can follow and share with just five of your friends, or follow them and make new friends and read the daily ponderings of Stephen Fry, Roger Ebert, Neil Gaiman, Jane Espenson, Doris Egan, John August, Susan Orlean, John Rogers (of Kung Fu Monkey), Bob Harris, etc., etc.

In my view, it's not so much about celebrities as it is the creators I admire - access to their brain-pans on a daily basis has proven to be enlightening and enriching.

As I say in my linked post - you sure don't have to like it - but it's always helpful to know what it is you're not liking.
Well clearly I like twitter too. For instance, if I wasn't following Allyson Hannigan's Dad then how would I know he had a nice lunch date with his two favorite girls?
I also love Twitter. I never got into Myspace or Facebook, but Twitter I genuinely love, for the reasons QuoterGal so eloquently stated. It really is a wonderful resource of information, and it's also a terrific way to have instant conversation on any topic that you're interested in, and you get real access to the previously inaccessible, like many of our favorite Whedonverse peeps. They share all sorts of interesting things and it's enlightening and fun.
embers, what a cute picture! Satyana is such an adorable kid! Thanks for linking :)

I used to be majorly hooked on twitter but it drove me crazy. Then I went on holiday and when I came back, there was far too many pages of tweets to look through so I basically gave up. Now I only go on it every so often.
embers, we're just teasing you! And we so love to do so.

Please twitter as your heart contents!
Tweet. Tweet.
Twitter is entirely personal. The people I follow are my real life friends, then I put everybody else in different groups. I can dip in and out of different levels of entertainment at a time of my choosing, and it's great.
Fantastic Twitter explanation, QG! I've been mostly staying off it lately because I'm buried in work (praise be), but I'll go back one of these days, and you've explained very clearly why.

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