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July 06 2010

10 Vampires more dateable than Edward Cullen. These people speak the truth.

Hey, where the hell's Spi... ?


(aren't they technically all exactly as datable as each other ? I.e. zero datable owing to, y'know, fictionality ? I've never been fictional before but I bet it'd have to cramp your style somewhat)
Ha! I love how the negative feelings about Angel are so delicately put.
Clicked the link, read what it said, thought it was just mean...But hells yes Spike is a way better vamp than mr. sparkle-fangs!
leaving the thread. Enjoy!
(Before I do, I like the "i've never been fictional before" bit in Saje's post! Hilarious!!)

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They forgot Mick St John and Josef Kostan from moonlight ^o^v
Okay, everyone. Nick Knight!

Though considering what he did to Natalie, maybe not.
Hell yes! Even Conan's vampire assistant.

They forgot Mick St John and Josef Kostan from moonlight

Gotta agree, no matter what you think of the show.
And Henry from Blood Ties....
I think I like Pam from True Blood as a choice more than anyone else. ;)
*edits out eye rolling*

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Okay, everyone. Nick Knight!

Though considering what he did to Natalie, maybe not.

Hey - she wanted him to. and it was all supposed to end well, he just took a little too much...
Ok wait a second. They give Angel hell over being broody (which is true) and don't put him on the list. But then they put Barnabas Collins on there? I remember that show, and NOBODY was more of a brooder than old Barny. At least Angel smiled once in a while.
Vampires more dateable than Edward Cullen


Hmm. Not so sure about the one in Nosferatu.
I've never been fictional before

Nonsense, remember that time that one person was imagining you? You were totally fictional at that point (though now you are a real boy)!
Do you think they left Angel out because of the whole unique thing? ;)
I dunno, Orlock in Nosferatu has his own castle...
Also, dude can cast a mean shadow. Not saying he's a looker but i'd want him on my team in Shadow Pictionary (which is very much a real thing which exists BTW).

Nonsense, remember that time that one person was imagining you?

I remember it but I wasn't sure it was real, thought I was imagining them imagining me. Can't imagine why.
*applause* :)
I think they were mean to leave out Angel, Darla, Drusilla,Holden Webster and most other Buffyverse vamps. I might prefer Edward Cullen to The Master, but even there I'd have to give it some thought.

Real vampires do not sparkle. TRUFAX.
Ack! No Angel? I'm out.
FYI I am a figment of your collective imagination.
Do you date much?
I've always thought of this Twilight/Edward Cullen shtick as a vampire who invaded Sunnydale while Buffy was away on vacation/off to L.A. When she comes back, it's "Edward, say hello to Mr. Pointy..." and poof! goes the vampire dust:

(Sorry,tried three times to make it a clickable link, gave up.)

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Thanks Riverine, that was great!
Spike will always be the best (but Eric Northman is a close second - shh, don't tell anyone)
As much as I find it a ridiculous amout of fun looking at most of the fellas on that list, none of them are dateable. Because they're dead. And vampires.
No way am I dating anyone that looks at me like an especially nutritious bottle of Yoohoo.
Besides, Gerald Butler as Dracula isn't on the list. I mean, seriously.... hello?
I must of course approve of their choice of quotations.
I don't know, I'd go with Stuart Townsend's Lestat way before Tom Cruise's Lestat.
Is Barnabas technically dead? I know Julia had some success with a medicinal remedy for a bit.
Also, no Mitchell (Aidan Turner) from Being Human? That can't be right.
I vowed never to associate with anyone who sparkles more than me but I think I would make an exception for Pam because even though I don't normally swing that way and yeah she'd definitely kill me, she'd be totally awesome while killing me.

Oh right yeah Spike and Eric Northman are great too.

But seriously, Pam could do your hair!
I didn't expect to see Pam on the list: Pam and no Jessica? If I swung that way, I would take Jessica over Pam. She's kind of adorably sweet, reminds me of Fred sometimes - only, you know, more evil.
When did Jessica do anything evil ? ***Up-to-current-eps True Blood SPOILER*** She accidentally drained too much from a dude at the end of Season 2--on account of being a new vamp who's not in full control of herself yet--then tried to at least save him in some sense by vamping him, but it didn't take and he just remained dead. She's now had to deal with that in the first three eps of Season 3. She seemed pretty sorry about it, not that she was gonna go to the authorities or anything (okay, maybe that last bit is questionable ? Dunno, the True Blood-verse and its vamps have unorthodox social mores and their own laws, which conveniently for them do no line up with human laws). I don't think she's fallen even close to far enough to be justifiably called "evil" yet (or even "more evil" than Fred from Angel, they're about the same).

List gets points for including Ethan Hawkes' character from Daybreakers, he was pretty likeable. I still have the feeling that that movie was severly edited down beyond what was originally intended and expect a Director's Cut that hopefully restores some character-building and character-establishing scenes. Even flashbacks would've been nice, especially to make us give a damn about Hawkes' vamp and his brother, their bond and whatnot.

Heh, I noticed they only included one female vamp on this list, but then figured that it's a list aimed mostly at women and that they included Pam specifically because she's into women.
When did Jessica do anything evil ?

Maybe it was the wrong choice of words? Perhaps bloodthirsty or less innocent would have been more appropriate?
I was glad they had Damon, but Stefan is not bad and at least dating him you would not have to worry about getting bitten. But Spike is still my first choice, with Damon second.
Yay Spike! Very dateable, but unfortunately probably only if you happen to be Buffy.
They added this to the site explaining why they didn't pick other vampires, including Angel. Funny.
The trouble with Angel is, one reeeeally good date, and he's ba-ack.
NYPinTA - I'm right with you on Gerald Butler - he was a very sexy Dracula (even though the movie was just OK). He should make the list.

Of course I like Spike, but Eric and Pam are cool too. Eric can fly plus looks wonderful in a tank top, and Pam, well great clothes and attitude plus will do your hair. Problem is...all would kill you!
What? No mention of Frank Langella's Dracula?
Imagining saje, I sign off....
I'm so tired of the Twilight hate.
This made me laugh though: Also, are you perhaps visually impaired? Because I donít even understand why I should have to justify this one. re: Eric from True Blood.
Yes, please. I'll take two.
(But Angel would be my first choice)
Am I the only person who is inescapably reminded of Nigel Planer (particularly in character as Neil from the Young Ones) by Eric?

See? Separated at birth!

Understandably, this totally stops me finding him in any way dateable.

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