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July 06 2010

Cabin In The Woods: Land of the Rising Terror. It's a manga book, due to be released next year, with story by Troy Lewter and art by Josue Acevado.

So it's got a proper title now?
Too bad they don't have the cover art yet. But the title makes me feel excited.
Gossi, what's an anime book?
Huh. I guess this is separate from the comic project Scott Allie talked about in the last Buffy letter column (or was it two issues ago?) (or was it the Wash one-shot?). Interesting.
Wait, so the movie's not coming out but they're making a manga of it? [confused]
That's another thing, should be out there very shortly.
It's kinda... not, though. For all intents and purposes, it's just a black and white comic book released by TokyoPop. They term it "OEL" (Original English-language manga). Which makes no sense because to be manga, it needs to come from Japan. Which this has not.

They announced this way back, so I guess the comics been delayed to tie in with the film release.
Wait, so the movie's not coming out but they're making a manga of it? [confused]

The Tokyopop spinoff was announced last September, there's a couple of entries in the Whedonesque archives about it which include some preview art. It was originally supposed to come out in February of this year but was no doubt pushed back due to the movie's new release date.
Here's the previous artwork Simon mentions.
Also, I kind of find the existence of this hysterical and I can't wait for it.
Ditto, b!X.
What's the deal with the film's delay again? It was pushed back to January 14th, 2011 so it could be converted to 3D but Lisa Lassek, the film's editor, said recently in a podcast that the conversion hadn't happened yet and might not happen at all. Is the film's release postponed indefinitely because of MGM's troubles? Can we expect to see this in our lifetimes?

[ edited by Barry Woodward on 2010-07-06 19:57 ]
Barry, MGM can't afford the conversion. It was, however, finished in 2D. Unfortunately MGM also can't afford to release it.
It wouldn't ever be released straight-to-DVD, would it?
I doubt it. $40m for a DVD release would be pretty insane.
Wait so is this coming out before or after? dumb question, it really should be after, but if there's no certain release for the film then what's happening with the manga?
It doesn't have to be after as it's not an adaptation of the movie.
Oh okay cool I was just wondering in case it was kinda spoilery. Well at least there's one thing to look forward to in relation to the film then! Thanks b!X
I imagine the licensing deal says no release until the movie is out there. Pure speculation, but that would seem sensible.
Oh no! Thanks for taking away my happy gossi, thanks!
On another note, what is the actual content of this here manga? I mean it's related, but not the film story, so what is in it?
I'm thinking there'll be Terror a Rising!
Wait then - sorry for my ignorance - but what happens with the movie? It just never ever gets released? That's a shame. Isn't it a loss of money?
I think we are just playing The Waiting Game for now.
This might make no sense whatsoever, but I wonder if "Land of the Rising Terror" has something to do with the "Land of the Rising Sun"? Like a pun or something? Since it's manga-styled and everything. But I might just be off the deep end.

I'm excited. The last time a Goddard film had a manga adaptation, it went really well. (Go read the scanlations for Cloverfield/Kishin! It's an awesome sidestory to Cloverfield that really expands on the online viral marketing backstory.)

Edit: I've taken some years of Japanese classes, and while "manga" does refer to Japanese comic books just like "anime" refers to Japanese animation in the Western Japanese, the word "manga" just means "comic book" and "anime" refers to all animation regardless of origin. Just saw someone earlier talking about this, thought I'd share my two cents.

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Maybe the manga book will be a big hit in Japan and someone will want to make an movie out of it in america and find out that MGM has the rights and that there already is a movie made in the series and it will be dubbed in Japanese and a be a big hit in Japan...
Bond 23 has been canceled. What does that mean for CITW?
Directly? Nothing. But it's part of the fabric of MGM unraveling. Their two biggest tent pole properties -- Bond and The Hobbit -- have been under serious clouds for months now. That won't help them have any money to deal with the movies already in the can, waiting.
Ultimately, MGM will either release CITW or sell it to someone else who will release it. The question is when, not if :)
Pretty Cool. Adding to buy list.
I asked the question about "anime book" (before it was edited to say manga), because of another tokyopop release from a few years ago. Remember that Comic-fied version of The Gift they did? They called that cine-manga. Which were mostly stills from the episode with balloons and using comic-book narrative, which is very different to IDW adapting Angel scripts into comic form.
I don't even think this will be released in Japan. It's written for a western-audience.
Manga? I think not. Manga influenced? Most definitely. This is no more manga than that Nick Simmons garbage.

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