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July 06 2010

Dollhouse Season 2 DVD gets US release date. According to Fox Home Entertaiment, the Blu-ray (and presumably the DVD) will be out on October 12th. They also tweeted that you can pre-order a limited edition lithograph version at Comic Con (so that'll go well). The ordinary DVD artwork can be seen here.

finally a release Date. I have been waiting since April for one. Just wish I could get a copy of the ComicCon edition.

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Yeah, Simon, you're right: I really wanna repeat experience of ordering last year's Comic Con Exclusive of Season I.
I don't think I was a member around this time last year, can someone fill me in on what happened with the season 1 SDCC limited editions?

I still don't like that cover art.
Don't worry, if I hear they try the pre-order thing like last time I'll kick some e-arse.

Also speculate away about this tweet, it has to do with Dollhouse.
Well they could always insert the Epitaph Two (and extra) footage into the early season 2 episodes as originally planned.
Well, one of those two people already let slip being at the FOX booth at some point.

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If I was a betting man I'd say we'd be finding out about the extras by the end of this week. Keep an eye on the BBFC website.
JAYROCK: I don't think I was a member around this time last year, can someone fill me in on what happened with the season 1 SDCC limited editions?

I think it's no exaggeration to say that it went very, very, very badly - though a Foxy-whedonesque member (TamaraC) did her best to help straighten out some of the issues (it wasn't even her job). Online purchasers were unhappy with the creaky, glitchy ordering process, and Fox came out of it looking pretty... badly.

Read about it here, and here.

It took me days to clean up the mess with my bank.

Did get my DVD, though. And certainly want Season 2, notwithstanding...
So far away!! *sigh*
Hopefully the bonus features make up for the loooong delay (the first season was out TWO MONTHS after the season finale!).
Since I never got season one, is a Complete Collection on the table?
I think it's no exaggeration to say that it went very, very, very badly

Might I add that the "specialness" wasn't worth the full MSRP anyway? "Spy paper" was somewhat neat, but not worth the $30 premium.
The UK has a Complete Series pending release.
Gossi you have brought the good news back! Glad i waited now...
Can I get a what-what?
I've been waiting for this to finally be announced.


Both the Blu Ray and DVD packaging is up at

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If we do any sort of online ordering anything, I'll shoot myself (maybe in the foot or somewhere else non-lethal). And then crawl into a deep dark hole and change my name or something. I still have nightmares about last year.

On the other hand, the coolness that is a surprise is really really worth waiting for. :)

UPDATE: No credit cards will be charged at Comic Con for pre-orders of Dollhouse S2. CCs will be charged only ONCE when item is shipped in October. I got it straight from the horse's mouth (he's a horse with very nice hair). Feel free to come after me with tar, feathers, and pitchforks if anything different happens.
Forgot to ask about international orders. Will update you on that when I can.

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There she goes teasing again.
A little bit disappointed with the less than original art AND the late release date but happy that it's heading our way nonetheless.
Wow. This news (plus other awesome stuff) has made this the best week ever. And it's only Tuesday!

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And I'm still waiting for Season 1 to be released - nay, aired! - here. Sigh.
Yeah, what cardea just said above!
My eye wanted to read it as "Dollhoues" (which, depending on how your brain makes you want to pronounce that, could sound like "Doll Hos"), as I took another glance at the cover art after not having seen it since announced a while back. Yep, the title still needs fixing.

Was hoping that was just placeholder art. They can do better than that. Maybe they'll at least come up with something artsy/iconic, or at least full-cast-including, for the Complete Series set.

Excited to find out about the extras, especially the likelihood of deleted and extended scenes ! Gag reel would be great too.

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I hate being repetitive, but this cover "art" is terrible. From the fonts, to the bland white/black/maroon-ish coloring, the awful replacement of Eliza's arm, the ridiculous looking weapon, and the sheer lack of originality. I could've crapped out something better in give or take twenty minutes by tinkering with Photoshop.

However, I cannot wait to see "The Attic" among other fantastic episodes in Blu-ray quality. "Vows" with the original Mag, Zone, and Caroline footage would be a great addendum, and I am ecstatic to see any other deleted scenes, particularly any that gives "The Hollow Men" everything, or nearly everything, it missed (Caroline's introduction to Echo, anyone?).
I like the cover art. Don't understand the complaints. Oh well, can't please everyone!
Hacksaway- I got the "special only at Comic Con" edition then stood with a million other people to get it signed by Joss, Enver, Dichen, et al.
We then auctioned it off at this year's Can't Stop the Serenity and yes, it was very worth it. Brought in a lot of money and one very happy winner.
Get your standing legs ready.
The surprise feature... is it a musical commentary track? ;-)
Marking it down on my calendar....
I will not be standing in any lines. I might be angling in weird directions for photos.
Maybe the announcement might have something to do with a soundtrack, based on an email from the show's composer, it was either in the works or being discussed.

Also I want my Blu Ray now. October is too far away.
Dollhouse's 2nd season was wholly brilliant -- what an amazing cast --

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