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July 06 2010

College Humor's Ode To Canceled TV Shows. A song about our love for great, canceled-too-soon TV, featuring scenes from Firefly and Serenity and a reference to Angel.

I love how almost all of these shows were on FOX.
It's funny how I watched and loved 99% of those shows. But I have to admit, 'Firefly' hurt the most of all of them.
Great stuff.

Freaks and Geeks FTW!!
Angel love! Anyone else kinda weirded out by there version of River Tam?
Their River wasn't exactly...graceful. Oh, but to see Serenity hovering overhead, what a beauty.
LMAOO. That River was epic. Bwahahaha.
"How is my Angel gone, but somehow Bones is still on?"

I lol'd.

1. Hammer: with you there. Just finished watching Firefly again. Ticked off at the end of each episode. Has any TV show ever started off so well, feeling like everything's in place and set for big things? No burn-in, just BAM, off to the races. And then poof, gone. Rats.

2. My dear wife and I are finally trying out Bones. We've watched about 5 eps of Season One. It's OK, but not that great. Does it get better?
filops ... 'Does (Bones) get better?'. Depends on who you ask. For me the answer is yes. I have loved the entire run. The show changes focus (and some cast) after the first season, but all to the better imo. Others will disagree.
filops: first season of Bones isn't that great. It gets much better after that. Of course, that may not be true for you. :)

It's nice that someone else remembered Angel being canceled. I don't know many people who know that about the show (outside the Whedonverse fans of course).
Loved Serenity flying overhead, but I couldn't identify River for sure. The costume and weapons are alike, but the moves are definitely a bit off. Still, awesome tribute!
Best moment: seeing Serenity hovering above,
Best line: "How is my Angel gone, but somehow Bones is still on?"
I just appreciate that all these great shows are remembered, even if just in a silly song with sillier costumes. And I don't think the cancelation of 'Firefly' will ever stop hurting! Maybe it doesn't help that I was just reading Firefly: Still Flying (it was great, but just three new stories are not enough).
Well, that made me nostalgic. This might be a bit off-topic, but could anyone tell me the lyrics around 1:26-1:30, about Freaks and Geeks and Veronica Mars? I've listened to it a few times and I still can't understand it!
"You were the freak to my geek, Veronica to my Mars" . . . At least, so it seems to me.
The River is hilarious.
Thanks, SoddingNancyTribe!
Awesome! Some good production values there as well. Serenity hovering overhead and Angel's grin are my favourite things.
That was amazing.

Does anyone know what show was being referred to at the start of the second chorus? (Right before Deadwood, F&G, and VM). There's a guy with long hair and a girl with red hair.
Matt7325: Pretty sure it was My So-Called Life
Loved it. Gotta agree with the Bones reference.
Are the guy with the backpack and the girl with the purple shirt Roswell? I couldn't make out the lyrics too well (anybody know if they're posted somewhere?) but that's the only show that comes to mind.
I've been enjoying first-season Bones, but I'll admit I've only started watching it because my girlfriend loves it. (I've gotten her to watch Firefly and she's now totally hooked on Veronica Mars, though, so it's only fair.) It helps me to look at it as escapism.

And in defense of their River: exactly who could be as graceful as Summer Glau except Summer herself? But I admit their version was a bit... distracting? Off? Prancing, that's the word...
The thing that threw me off about River is that she's modeled from the 'Serenity' movie not 'Firefly', and it's a song about canceled TV shows after all. Perhaps using a more iconic 'Firefly' character reference would have worked better, and avoided the whole not-as-graceful-as-River, cuz very, very, very few are.

However, the Serenity ship hovering overhead was awesome!
@InevitableTraitor: No, it is "Undeclared". She names all the tv-shows in the lyrics.

Those are all the shows they referenced with doubles: Undeclared, Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies, Firefly, My so-called life, Deadwood, Freaks & Geeks, Veronica Mars, Twin Peaks, Sports Night, Angel, Mr. Show.

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