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July 07 2010

Jewel Staite confirmed for Hallowhedon. She'll be joining Anthony Head, Alan Tudyk and Stephanie Romanov at the London event in October.

Now they just need Neil & Enver, and they'll have one from every show.
Just Neil even. Alan was on Dollhouse after all.
trunktheslayer Good point. Maybe that's how they're looking at it. So let's go with Neil. More Neil is never a bad thing.

Maybe they'll get "second tier" guests if finances allow.

Wonder if they could swing getting Nathan? ' delicious would that be? Double Captain! And I could just imagine a Q&A with Nathan, Neil & Alan. Oh, my sides hurt just thinking about it!
Both Jewel and ASH, thats quite a nice bunch. Seems like a good con to visit this year.
Which makes me very excited considering its my first con. :)

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