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July 07 2010

Firefly boys reunited - for a picture. There's a ship up there somewhere. Also James Gunn was there, and comments on a certain movie.

Shiny!! That's just awesome personified right there.
...can't come to the phone right now, I was recently awesomed to death. Take care, Lindsey.
Warms my heart knowing these guys still hang out.
What? No Sean Maher? :(
He's on the ship,
taking a dip
in the pool,
after playing on the mule,
the crazy fool.

Hey, I'm not a poet. Who knew?

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JOSS: "What's it say?" ALAN: "One guess." ADAM: *grunt* NATHAN: "'This party canceled by FOX.'"
This was taken at a party Nathan Fillion threw. According to the twitter messages of various attendees, the guest list included:

Joss Whedon
Kai Cole
Alan Tudyk
Adam Baldwin
Eliza Dushku
Michael Hitchcock
Maurissa Tancharoen
Jed Whedon
Felicia Day
Juliet Landau

Exactly the kind of party you wish you'd been at.
JOSS: "What's it say?" ALAN: "One guess." ADAM: *grunt* NATHAN: "'This party canceled by FOX.'"

That's hilarious! And so true to their voices ;)
I was amused by the comment that compared them to the A Team: Joss=Hannibal, Alan=Murdock, Nathan=Face, Adam=BA. Clever.
Could someone reproduce in the comments what th James Gunn reference was? Twitter is blcked at my work. Much obliged.
He says he talked to Joss and is incredibly excited about The Avengers.
@stevekaw - That was my second thought. Seems incomplete without him.
I wish I was invited to Nathan Fillion's parties, I definitely like his friends! Maurissa evidently missed the photo op, AND missed Felicia!
I would give quite a lot to be at that party. xP
Thanks very much redders.
What? No Sean Maher? :(

You may be somewhat mollified to know that Sean Maher and Jewell Staite will both be guest-starring in Warehouse 13 Season 2, episode 2 which airs next week.
James Gunn then went on to list a bunch of unusual superheroes that he wasnted in the Avengers movie, including some guy named Groo. Sorry, I don't have access to it at work now so I can't quote directly.

Is the ship what they are looking at? I see no ship...
For some reason this reminds of the horrid Ghost Busters 2 painting - you know, the one at the end where they all look like saints...
If we're asking "Where's Sean?" - a question which did also occur to me - we should also be asking "Where's Ron?" The men of Firefly just aren't complete without him, either....

But, yes - cool picture! And guest list! And continued affirmation of Joss' yet-to-be-official directorial future...
@LKW: THANK you! Ron Glass is just as big an absence as Sean Maher. Bigger, I'd say, if only because I never found Simon as a character all that interesting. Perhaps because he was more an extension of his sister and a distant love interest of Kaylee's than a person in his own right. Book, on the other hand...
The first thing I thought of when I saw that photo?

"How's about we move the hell away from this eerie-ass piece-a-work and get on with our 'creasingly eerie-ass day?"

If only they were there to discuss Serenity 2: Electric Boogaloo.
@LKW - Yes Ron! LOL we need ALL the boys together!
@SpendTheNightAlone - Whaaa? Wow, you and I must have watched a totally different series from each other. :p
wow that is awesome! and yes I did wonder where was Sean. that is the kinda party I would love to be at.
Guess they're not on the B list
Considering the size of the party (and it must have been pretty big for Mo to have completely missed Felicia), they probably were invited. Maybe they were even there but left early-ish like Mo and Jed. Seems Alan, Adam, and Joss are particular friends of Nathan's and would be more likely to overstay their welcome. ;)
Felicia wasn't even there. She tweeted that she was at a rehearsal and then went home. That's why Maurissa missed her.
It is entirely possible they all don't hang out, y'all.
No, they must gossi. Macbeth bar-b-ques and drunken musicals must be had. I must keep believing that their shiny chemistry together is because they live in one big frat house like a big happy family.
While the Hoomins stared skyward at the cleverly staged distraction, brave Agapanthus readied himself for a frontal assault.

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