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July 08 2010

Neil Patrick Harris nominated for two Emmy awards. He got nominated for "Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series" and "Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series" i.e his Glee spot. Christina Hendricks got nominated for "Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series" and Seth Green features in the "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance" category.

Well congratulations! I'll be rooting for them!
I hope he gets both of them (he was amazing on Glee!).
There may be possibly be more Whedonverse people in that list but that's all who I could find. That Castle episode that had all the Firefly references got a couple of nods for hair and makeup.
Also Moonshot got nominated (Marsters has a leading role).
I am so ecstatic to see Christina Hendricks finally being acknowledged for her fantastic portrayal of Joan. She truly deserves all the accolades she is getting for Mad Men.
Overall, I was very happy with the noms this year. I could have probably done with less something for Community (Poor McHale!) and maybe a Sons of Anarchy/Katey Sagal nod but basically, soon as I saw Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton I couldn't care less - it was magnificent. Lost also done very nicely.

As for our guys, I'm very happy for them all but I'd love it if Neil gets one for his Glee ep. Mad Men can't do no wrong either.
Christina's nomination helps take the edge off the John Noble snub. Actually give her the Emmy and I might forget about it altogether.

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Well deserved nods/noms, all. Glad to see Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton finally get nominated.
Finally a nomination for Elizabeth Mitchell! I still think she should have been nominated (if not won) for the previous seasons of LOST, but this will remedy some of that bitterness!
I really liked the movie MOONSHOT and thought James did a fantastic job as Buzz Aldrin. Glad to see the movie get an Emmy nod.

Elizabeth Mitchell wasn't nominated for anything...
I'm thrilled for NPH! I hope he wins at least one. :)

Meanwhile, is it wrong of me to feel mildly annoyed that the Emmy people seem pretty determined to ignore genre shows unless they appear on HBO? To be completely fair, I've never seen True Blood, but I just can't imagine it's better than Buffy was...
Another happy for Coach and Tami Taylor. Can we have a seperate category for Chandler's hair, emotive as it is?
Oh my bad, I must have been blind this morning. But good for Elizabeth!
Caprica was also nominated for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Series. So, along with "Moonshot" in the best made for tv movie category, that makes 2 Emmy-nominated projects James Marsters was in last year. Not too shabby. Way to go James!
[I]s it wrong of me to feel mildly annoyed that the Emmy people seem pretty determined to ignore genre shows unless they appear on HBO? To be completely fair, I've never seen True Blood, but I just can't imagine it's better than Buffy was...

I'd like to believe that the critical acclaim that BtVS received has, in some small way, helped legitimize genre show Emmy nominations . . . but, on the whole, and despite my love of True Blood, I think you're probably right.
Seth Green & Robot Chicken were also nominated
Congrats to all and to James Marsters for Moonshot which was nominated for two awards. One for best tv movie and the other for Outstanding Sound Editing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special.

And Caprica which both Jane Espenson and James Marsters work on was nominated for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Series.

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Congrats to all the Whedon-related actors for their work!

I have found it interesting that some of today's news reporting on the awards are using clips of NPH's performance for discussion of Glee (not for discussion of his guest appearance). Yea for NPH, but it does rather diminish the contributions of the regulars.
I really cannot find words to adequately express how much I love Christine on Mad Men. It's a toss-up between Joan and Peggy as to which is the most interesting character on that show.
Congratulations! Also, congrats to Jane Espenson (her show "Caprica" was nominated in Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Series category) and James Marsters (his film "Moonshot" was nominated for the best TV movie).
Tough choice in the "Best Casting" category between Glee, Nurse Jackie, and United States of Tara, they're all extremely well-cast (would Nurse Jackie lose a point for dropping a pretty awesome cast member between Seasons 1 and 2 with an afterthought-line of an explanation though?). Actually, Modern Family seems to be as well, though I've only seen a couple eps of it. I know everyone loves 30 Rock (haven't seen a lick of it, I know, I know), but I'd like to see it be given a break from winning so much.

Dexter maybe deserves Best Drama Casting on the strength of getting John Lithgow for Season 4 alone. Big Love, True Blood, and Mad Men are amazing for casting as well, though (and I know a lotta folks here love Friday Night Lights).

Wow, I didn't know The Closer was still on (or did it just finish last year?).

Jane Lynch better win for Supporting Actress/Comedy.

Best Comedy, hmm, Glee or Nurse Jackie, I dunno. Even though I did enjoy Season 6 of The Office, I'm ready for it to end soon.

For Best Drama, Dexter enjoyed a great, return-to-form fourth season, True Blood Season 2 was pretty good, and I love Mad Men so far but I haven't seen the third season that it's being judged on for these Emmys (hoping AMC puts it OnDemand again before Season 4 starts). Haven't seen Breaking Bad yet and man The Good Wife is getting nominated a lot, is it really that good ? I hope Lost Season 6 doesn't get it. It deserved it for Seasons 4 and 5 especially (I mean on its own merits, at least--can't remember what it was up against those years, if nominated), but not the final one IMO (and no, not just because I'm one of the viewers who had some issues with the finale--I just find the whole season in retrospect to have been a little flimsy, time-wasting, and twee).

Would love for Elizabeth Mitchell to win Best Guest Actress (think she did amazing work on Lost), but she's up against some heavy hitters, some of which I've seen. Mary Kay Place (recurring throughout the series) is always good on Big Love and I hadn't seen Sissy Spacek play mean until her 4- or 5-ep spot in Season 4. Haven't caught Damages but Lily Tomlin is on there as well.

Ariel, it's not that the Emmys specifically ignore genre programming from networks only to give it attention when it's coming from premium cable, it's more like there was no genre on HBO, FX, Showtime, and the like up until recently (well, Showtime dabbled because it had JMS' Jeremiah and also Odyssey 5 years ago, and didn't it have Stargate for a while? Despite their early efforts, they don't seem to have succeeded with it). HBO had Carnivale back in 2003, but that was pretty much it until True Blood. It was promising to see them take on True Blood in 2008 and then see it succeed hugely, because it might mean that cable will take a chance more on genre and not only stick to "high-concept" dramas and comedies, much as I've been enjoying most of 'em (not sure if Starz' Spartacus counts as drama. No magic or sci-fi, but filling in the vagueries of a historical-based legend. Does period piece action-drama = genre ? If Mad Men isn't genre-TV, is Spartacus just because of the fighting ?).

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Mad men has pretty much owned all the awards since it started (much deserved, IMO) but I'm wondering if they'll give it to Lost this year, as a parting gift. Both Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson have won before but I think O'Quinn really deserves it again this year.
I have mixed feelings about True Blood, but it's good to see two straight up fantasy shows in the running for best drama.

Tough call between Christina Hendricks and Elizabeth Moss.

I'll get more enthused about awards, if they ever start taking genre shows (other than Lost) really seriously. I can think of half a dozen nominations deserved by Dollhouse. And BSG, every year it was on.
Way more than True Blood, The Vampire Diaries needed some awards. Perhaps not Best Drama (although its definitely up there, for me) but Best Lead Actor for Ian Somerhalder. Every line of dialogue he had was acted to the highest possible calibre and easily on the same bar as Bryan Cranston. I feel a bit bad for it getting zero recognition, even in its writing. Supernatural also should have got some. The CW need to be more tactical next year - send out the entire seasons' of all their good shows.

I think, the same for BSG. If SyFy really wanted to pull in the noms, they might have been able to do a bit more than they did.
I'd like to see Mad Men win again this year because the third season was awesome but I have a feeling this might be Breaking Bad's year. Would love to see Lost win, though.

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