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November 29 2003

Fray: Future Slayer TPB out now. Bought it today and devoured it in one sitting, well worth reading. Also just out is Tales of the Slayer: Volume 3. Ideal Buffyverse gifts for the holiday season.

Has anyone read the third volume yet? I loved the first two.

And Fray was amazing. Really hope those rumours are true about Joss wanting to do a second series. There's so much more of the story to tell.

What does TPB mean?

I just picked up Fray 8 from my PO Box, it must have been sitting there a while. Flicked through it -- I just don't *get* comics. (I wish I did! There'd be so much to enjoy.)
Trade Paperback (basically a collection of comic books in one binding). There's loads to enjoy in comics so many different genres :).
Simon, 'Fray' was terrific. Fortunately I don't have to pay for the TPB because my friend Andy was the inker on the series (check it out, he even gets his picture in the back) and is going to give me a copy of the limited edition, signed hardcover.

Prolific, there are many, many great reads to be had in comics form. I've been collecting for 25 years now, and while I've moved past the stage where I really care for the month-to-month serialized single-issue buying format and gotten much more heavily into the trade paperback collections and graphic novels, I still pimp the medium to anyone I can.

One of the best works of literature PERIOD (regardless of medium or format) is Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' series. Now collected in 10 TPB volumes, plus a couple of tie-in collections including Neil's tremendous 'Sandman: Endless Nights' graphic novel. I can't possibly recommend this work enough. In fact pretty much anything put to print by Gaiman is gold... but do yourself a favor and check out 'Sandman'.
Prolific - here's a helpful primer for reading comics. Just click on the pic of the girl under "Introduction":

Hope this helps you to "get" comics. Another good primer is "Understanding Comics" by Scott McCloud. Lets you understand the whole world of comics, bit by bit.

I'd second the recommendations to pick up Fray. I'd wait a bit for Sandman as it can be a bit challenging to a neophyte, as great as it is. The Tales of the Slayers TPB is written by a bunch of the writers of the show and I think you might like that as well. It contains a wide variety of comics styles, some you might understand better than others, depending on how you process things visually. Either way, you'll get a better feel for them through variety.

Not to sound like a huge geek or anything but not understanding comics is just as unfortunate as not getting movies, books, music or tv. Best of luck to you on getting the feel for them!
I have most of the stuff you mention BloodyAwful Poet. I read comics as a kid (Fantastic Four, Green Lantern, etc). I don't think I'll ever pick up the habit again. My eyes keep looking for words.
Haunt I was going to get the hardcover edition but my comic book shop was getting it in next week and the new LXG vol 2 hardcover was just in so I bought that and Fray softcover instead. I was very tempted to buy the "I Am Legend" graphic novel too but maybe next month :).

And in a vaguely related vampire topic if anyone here hasn't bought "30 Days of Night" already, get down to your comic book store and do so. You won't be disappointed.
I've no way of getting my hands on Fray comic issues past number 3, (Toronto is limited :(..) but I did manage to buy Tales of the Slayer 3 and so far, it's not so bad. I do wish they had put more tales in it, though.

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