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July 08 2010

Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams Comic-Con panel confirmed. The "Entertainment Weekly: The Visionaries" panel will be on the Thursday at 3.30pm in Hall H. Later that evening, there's going to be a Dr Horrible screening hosted by the California Browncoats. On the Sunday, Tony Head will be on a panel to promote the third series of Merlin.

so, that's me camping out in Hall H for the day...
I will not be going anywhere near Hall H. But that night is the CSTS screening, if Joss needs something to do. ;)

ETA: said CSTS screening is offsite, 90 minutes after the Dr. Horrible screening ends.

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Is Hall H the big hall or something that is ridiculous pain to get a good seat in? Just curious. Because even then, if I were going this year, I'm sure I'd brave it.
Wow, from that description, it looks like its going to be a really fun if a Joss and JJ panel could be anything but fun.

What do you guys think they'll say about whether or not the comic book movie genre is waning? Personally, I think because of the limitations of the medium, comics stories are usually able to boil down a bigger story into it essence making them very accessible to transition over to film. Thats not always the case and it doesnt guarantee a good movie (or story if the creators choose to focus on the wrong plots or characters) but I think comic book movies are definitely here to stay. For now.
Hall H is the monster hall people camp outside the convention center for.
Living so far away, I would pay for official live streaming of the event.
Ah. Another question: does Comic Con ever video these panels and offer them afterwards? I've seen the videos audience members take while there that post them to You Tube (and thank you all whoever you are that does this) but a professional video wouldn't go amiss.

Hmm. 90 minutes gives him plenty of time to make it to the CSTS if he feels so inclined. :)

Edit: or that thing Simon just said. Me too.

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There's almost no chance of a stream of the panel - you have, like, 10000 people right next to you so chance of getting reliable wireless internet = not good.

If anybody wants tips on getting in, I'd aim for getting there between 9am-11am, and camping out outside (and then inside) the hall until the panel. Bring food, bring drinks.... And then give them all to me.
Has there ever been official camera set-ups? I always watch a few panels on YouTube and I was blown away last year because the version of the Lost panel last year I watched was in HD, with multiple cameras zooming and taking what was necessary (IIRC). It was hugely different compared to that of some guys handheld for Fringe and Dollhouse/Joss.
Many of the studios film their own material at the panels, e.g. Universal with the Serenity DVD, and FOX with the Dollhouse panels (much of which was never released).

Everything is actually recorded anyway, as there are giant screens in Hall H and Ballroom 20 so people can see - however I don't believe that footage is made available online. In theory Comic-Con could stream that footage - but I think they want you to attend.
I added some news about Tony Head.
I don't do Hall H (too cavernous for me - I did it once for SMG and The Grudge, and that was enough), so I won't be attending. But, for those of you who are tempted - because C-C doesn't clear the room between events, it's useful to see what precedes the panel one wants to attend. In this case, that's

DreamWorks Animation: Megamind (the preview for which made me chuckle) with Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Jonah Hill, at 10-11;

Walt Disney Pictures: TRON: Legacy, with, among others, Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen, and Bruce Boxleitner, moderated by Patton Oswalt, at 11:15-12:45;

Sony Pictures Entertainment: Battle: Los Angeles and Salt, with Michelle Rodriguez and, potentially, Angelina Jolie, at 1-2;

and "exclusive footage from RED", based on a Warren Ellis graphic novel, with some or all of Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman (So close. Maybe he'll stay on for the JW panel? ;-)), John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren in attendance, at 2:15-3:15 . . .

It all sounds fabulous. And, good luck with the lining-up. :-)
I'm sure this panel will be on YouTube later, but live streaming would indeed be nice. I think even if they live streamed it, people would still attend the event itself. Fans are obsessive, haha. Also, now I'm tempted to check out Merlin.
So... Before Joss, there's a panel run by Patton Oswalt, who was in Dollhouse and wrote a Serenity comic. After Joss, there's a Scott Pilgrim (one of Joss' favourite comics) panel with Edgar Wright, who is directing (probably the Avengers follow up) Ant-Man.

Good times.

Will one of us be there reporting? That'd be awesome! Although whoever said it'd probably go up on Youtube later was probably right, so I'll be looking for it there. The volume is never great, you can never hear what they're saying in those things though.
It was my understanding that the Hall H panels were made available online by Comic-Con (probably after the fact). But maybe that was only a few, I didn't check all of them. No other halls/ballrooms had official Comic-Con videos.
I do hope that those lucky enough to be in San Diego will twitter and post here as often as possible!
Darn! I told my self, "Self, this year we avoid the big crowded Hall H stuff and go see the other wonders that Comic-con has to offer." Well, not gonna happen.

I'm somewhat dreading what the Saturday schedule has to offer.
At last years Wizard World, there was a professional company hired to video tape the Buffy panel with Emma, Camden Toy and Doug Jones. They were going to have it up on their website but it wasn't an inexpensive download...I think it was about $12.00 to download or stream the whole panel. This was the first time I'd seen a service like that. Maybe they'll have something similar this year at San Diego.
I've never done Hall H before but I guess I have to make an exception this year. I am sorry about the other panels I'll have to miss though.
We'll totally be there, live blogging with photos and video (if allowed) and will get it online asap.

We haven't had a problem with video so far. At New York Comic Con last year they were fine with us recording at the huge/packed Dollhouse event w/ Joss and Tahmoh. They even let us set up our professional camera equipment in the middle of the room, so long as we didn't record the exclusive clip. FOX was actually set up behind us and were cool with it, so here's hoping!
It looks as if I'll get to experience the joy that is Hall H this year as well. :)
oh,this sounds like too much awesome to be contained. I imagined this will be absolutely packed. and yes, I'd be so grateful for a stream. but like every year I imagine I'll have to settle for tweetd and liveblogs and youtube videos after.
As an FYI (to avoid confusion): New York Comic Con and SDCC are separate entities. The former is run by for-profit Reed Exhibitions, while SDCC is run by the nonprofit Comic-Con International. Generally, limited photography and even some video is allowed at certain events during SDCC -- but you have to get permission from the panel to do extensive taping. In the press section, it notes, "The videotaping of panel screens is prohibited and panels cannot be recorded in their entirety without written permission from Comic-Con International."

Not that that's stopped folks from trying.
Thanks for the info! Yes, we know about needing permission but are hoping that it's not a problem since we have press passes. Really hoping! We also were given full reign recently at Wizard's Philly con. Maybe SDCC will be cool with it too?

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It really varies. Mostly the big no-no is filming what the studios preview on the screens. Or, if filming is in the way of other attendees being able to see, they don't like that either.
Bix - where is the CSTS screening at?
Keep an eye on the California Browncoats site, probably tomorrow (Friday).
To be honest I can't imagine filming a panel in Hall H - it's massive! But, well, try.
Serious envy, good luck to everyone who plans to try filming.

I've had a love/hate relationship with JJ's TV work and mostly love his movies, especially the Star Trek re-boot. He's a smart, witty, talented guy and I can't imagine that pairing he and Joss will produce anything less than serious awesome.

I hope by the time this happens, Joss is "officially" on board for The Avengers. It's been discussed as a done deal for months now, but still no word from the studio - what is up with that??
Shey, I strongly suspect the official announcement will be at this panel.
I was thinking the same, gossi. More reason to wish I could be there. :_)
Yes, we know about needing permission but are hoping that it's not a problem since we have press passes.

Taping whole panels is still frowned on, press pass or no, though enforcement is a bit lax. Equipment on a tripod would definitely get you noticed and asked to show permission or stop while you could probably get away with something smaller and handheld depending upon your location. Plus as mentioned above, good luck being close enough for it to matter in Hall H.

That said I might have to try to get in for this one - if location is good, I may have to attempt to UStream it ;).

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