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July 08 2010

Buffy Fashion Roulette: "Buffy Vs. Dracula". Another in depth examination of the Scoobies' fashion sense. I always hated those pink leather pants myself...

I loved the pink leather.
I always liked the pink leather...but then again my fashion tastes can generally be described as eccentric, at best.
Fun article, but Tara being fully clothed at the beach is spot-on for the character.
I like the blogger's style - but, fair warning, now that we know she exists, we're not going to link to every one of her posts from here on in.
Really, I think Dracula kinda' outclassed her there in dress. On of the reasons Buffy got so po'ed. Plus, her Watcher being sidetracked by the obsession, enough to ruin any girl's day!
Not big on fashion commentary in general, but I thought I'd check this out.
Riley hate .... surprise!! And really OTT - "Riley looks like a turd, as usual" .... just so not necessary.

Not a fan of snark in general either, so I'll be skipping the rest of these.
And I assume she knows that Xander is still supposed to dress like a geek, at this point in the series?
Thanks for the heads up, SoddingNancyTribe. I'm new to the posting thing this was my first.
Again she misses the point that there is characterization involved in the dressing of the characters! gave this blog a second chance, won't be viewing it again.
I don't necessarily agree with all of it (Tara/Willow dressed on the beach, mainly) but I liked it all. I'm completely ambivalent towards Riley, so any hate for him just flies over my head. Some fun comments though, so if I do remember this exists I might check it out some more.

Also, Go me! I randomly watched this episode yesterday.
Jaymii: Well Tara was basically fully dressed (darn it!!) but Willow was in a tank and either fairly short shorts or a bikini bottom I forget which so no marvel there.

General question: don't leather slacks chafe?
Darn it is right. :-)

I thought it was rather funny, and I like "Textgiles."
DaddyCat, she seems relaxed and cool and seeing Tara in a bikini doesn't seem to make much sense when thinking about it. She's soft, somewhat insecure and is definitely no Anya. She's just chilling in the sun reading a book. I dunno, it makes sense. Same idea applies for Willow.

I think I might be more used to the idea of people being dressed at a beach though. England definitely is no LA.
I think I might be more used to the idea of people being dressed at a beach though. England definitely is no LA.

As a foreign implant over here, I don't think I'll ever get used to going to the North Sea and seeing people cowering behind wind shelters in bathing suits. It's when they actually get into the water that really scares me - the blue skin and chattering teeth make it look too painful for words! But then, I'm in Scotland, so I guess if people didn't swim in those conditions, they never would.
You know, I actually liked that blog. Right up until I read the Riley-bashing, some of which I found highly offensive.

Pity; it was interesting.

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Oh, great. Another Riley hater. "misogynist" ... wha?

Buffy vs. Dracula is a favorite episode but not for fashion sense. For Xander's now infamous buttmonkey dialogue.
Jaymii; Oh, yes, it perfectly fit Tara as a character, I just like seeing a lot of Amber at one time.
The idea is amusing, and the author clever, but she does miss the boat a bit by being neither one thing or the other. It would be more effective if she either totally ignored the character framing aspects of the costumes (she doesn't- she's actually commenting on them pretty often) and just went with the pose of fashion arbiter or (alternately) critiqued the wardrobe decisions with full attention to whether and how they advanced the character. Cause I'd love detailed discussions of the clothes either way. But especially if she wants people to vote, we need to be clear on what we are voting on, no?
Yes, toast, yes you are completely right. I have a huge problem with her mentioning characterization then just forgetting it in the discussion and says how things do or don't work for her, and by the way not liking the long skirts but loving the pink leather pants really cemented the whole never visiting that site again rule for me!

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