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July 09 2010

Christina Hendricks On Her Well Deserved Emmy Nomination. Alan Sepinwall on his HitFix blog has word from our very own Yosaffbridge on accordions, chemistry, why she didn't expect a nomination this year of all years and more.

"It's strange that you have to choose one episode, because we're telling the story over a certain amount of time."
This is the top of my list for why the Emmys make no sense.
You have to take into consideration that back when the Emmys first began television was far less serialized than it is today. Nowadays, the one episode rule only makes sense for comedies (mostly, Arrested Development certainly wouldn't benefit from it) and procedurals (not that these get too much love now anyways). On the flip side, it's not really logical to have all the voters sit down and watch multiple seasons of multiple shows just to vote. I'm sure that most of the voters watch most of these shows on a weekly basis however so they're in the loop for the most part. And then you do get the odd episode that really showcases an actor/writer/directors talent in a roughly standalone setting.

But I digress. Many congrats to Christina. She really deserved it, even if she had a bit less screen time than usual. It's alright though because "Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency" was a damn fine episode and she was the standout star of it.

But with that said, and I don't mean any slight, I think the award's going to her costar, Elisabeth Moss, who does a fantastic job every season and really deserves this one.
She really deserves it. Sadly, I'm more worried about January Jones getting her Emmy. I'm wishing the best for both. :)
I so agree about Elizabeth Moss. But my vote would go to Christina by a narrow margin.

Speaking of awards, is everyone still voting on the Portal Awards, for your favorite website, amongst other things? :)
(See "archives, June 26th)

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