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July 09 2010

The Joss Whedon Experience announced for Comic-Con. Joss' Q&A session will be held on the Friday at 3pm in Ballroom 20. Before that at 11am Shawna Trpcic will be talking about "Costume Designers: Designing for TV Production" and at 1pm, Nathan Fillion is on the Super panel followed by David Boreanaz chatting about Bones at 2pm and Summer Glau talking about her new show "The Cape" at 2.15pm. If you can't make Joss' event, Steve DeKnight will be at the Spartacus: Blood and Sand panel at 3.15pm. And Felicia Day and Marti Noxon will be on a "Girls Gone Genre" panel at 5pm and Morena Baccarin is on the "TV Guide Magazine: The 2010 Hot List" panel at 6.30pm.

And Nathan will be on the "Super" panel with James Gunn in Hall H from 1-2.
I missed that. Cheers. Friday stands for Firefly it would seem.
Hope they do something similar like this next year, since I won't be able to go to #SDCC this year, but already planning to do so next.
Anyone who's going. Please do enjoy it for all of us who won't be able to do so.

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Yes. This sounds like loads of fun.
Now I have Hendrix tunes in my head! And Hendrixed up versions of Joss show tunes!

ETA Head Hendrix is singing "Foxy Hero."

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I was hoping for a Jane Espenson and James Marsters reunion on the Caprica panel. But I guess that was not to be.
It's like the heavens opened up and answered my SDCC prayers. Now I don't have to go to Hall H. Ballroom 20 is so fuzzy special. I love how it's the Joss Whedon EXPERIENCE, as if they know (like we do) that that man is magic and something is bound to happen. :)
David Boreanaz is on the Bones panel from 2-245 on the Friday as well.
Well spotted. This is a great day for fans.
There's also an Adult Swim panel 4:30-5:30 featuring Seth Green.
And on Thursday there is a 7:30-8:30pm Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blogó Sing along:)
To everyone who's going: I am super jealous of you all! Have tons of fun and then come back and tell everyone all about it.
If I had any hair left, I'd be tearing it out right now trying to figure out which panel to attend.
Joss is on opposite Spartacus, which is the first conflict to wound me.

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NIce! Does anyone have any tips on making sure I get into the panel? I'm pretty paranoid, I'll be squeezed out.
One way to for sure get good seats to the panel is to camp out all day. But otherwise try to get there at least during the previous panel and when people leave from that one try to fill in their seats.

Just to add: when it comes to Joss panels (or panels in general that I really really want to see), I play it very conservatively and get there as soon as I can. I've camped out all day before - usually the panels are pretty entertaining anyway, since I mostly like the TV panels, which seem to be almost all that is in Ballroom 20. I got excellent seats to Dr. Horrible and Battlestar Galactica that way.

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Ballroom 20 - try to be there at least an hour before, maybe two. It depends on the panel, of course - if it's something niche, you may walk straight in. If it's Bones, for example, expect to wait an hour.

Hall H - can take 1-3 hours to get in.

Hilton Bayfront - took me 3 hours to get in for Heroes (which had Glee before it).
Oh, woe is me! Can't go this year. *cry* . . . *sob*

Definitely camp out in whatever room. I did that last year and stayed through a couple panels I didn't really care about just so I'd have a good seat for the Dollhouse panel. Absolutely worth it.
Any specific hash tags folks might be using for tweets? I eagerly await news from those of you lucky enough to go.
#joss? I've always thought we should use a common tag.
Re: Ballroom 20 - my friend and I queued for 2 hours for the TV Guide Hot List panel last year, which was right after the Dollhouse panel. The line was pretty much specifically people wanting to see Joss and as the panel before let out, not many people left. About 10 minutes into Joss's panel they came out and said they weren't going to let anybody else in during that panel so if you wanted to see Joss, you were out of luck.

The queue dispersed and we moved right up to the front of the line - we managed to get 5th row seats for the TV Guide panel when the Dollhouse one was over.
I had to queue 90 minutes for that Joss panel, Rach. I got in with 10 minutes to spare, towards the end of the 24 panel which was before it.
I was just glad I wasn't actually trying to get into it! Would have been a disappointment.

(I wasn't trying to get into it because I had lowered my expectations of what I could get into and decided to sacrifice seeing the Dollhouse panel - not because I don't love Joss!)

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A (big) part of me is jealous that I'm not going, but the rest of me is tired just looking at that list. Hope everyone has fun.
Once again the schedule is forcing fans to make tough choices. I have made mine, subject to change, of course.
At least I have tix to Patten Oswalt at House of Blues that night. That's a certainty
*starts planning next year's schedule so as not to feel left out*
impalergeneral, which show are you going to? The 8 or the 10:30pm? I'm shooting for the latter.
Great Scott, Batman!
I saw Patton Oswalt last night and he was excellent. I'm tempted to see him again in SD since at least 15 minutes of his show was adlib and very funny.
The One True b!X said

Joss is on opposite Spartacus, which is the first conflict to wound me.

Like you have a choice.
Well, I'm skipping Abrams/Whedon altogether, so it's not like I'm duty-bound to be wherever Joss is. ;)
"Girls Gone Genre" is such a cool name.
If anyone is still reading this post: I have a question.

I there a place on these internets where someone is making a list of every single Whedon-related SDCC event? (Like what the Battlestar Galactica/Caprica and the True Blood fansites do?)

If so, please ping me a link at proggrrl at gmail dot com.

Yes, I have a post at where I'll be doing that again this year like I last year. I just won't have time to crank it up until my employment ends today.
Until then, you can probably check out the collection of the current schedules Whedonesquers are making. Between the mix of them, it's the collection of Whedon people.


Among others. But bix's schedule is always most thorough, which will be worth the wait.

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