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November 29 2003

Buffy/Spike scene voted 40th sexiest moment ever in Channel Four's "100 Greatest Sexy Moments" poll. The 'Smashed' sex scene beat 'From Here to Eternity' and a Nigella Lawson cookery programme to name but a few.

And the kissing scene between SMG and Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions somehow ended up as #2.
Erg, a few Willow/Tara scenes spring immediately to mind. I'm thinking of the conjuring scene in "Who Are You," the blowing out of the candle in "New Moon Rising," and the performance of "Under Your Spell" in "Once More With Feeling." Some of the sweetest and sexiest stuff ever broadcast.
I have to agree with DaveW that some of the sexiest and sweetest Buffy moments were between Willow and Tara and I'm a female who is not a lesbian. That's how real their relationship seemed to me, that I could look beyond the fact that they weren't a heterosexual couple and see a very loving relationship. One of my favorite moments is from "The Body" when Willow is beyond herself with grief and can't seem to focus and Tara gently takes her head in her hands and gives her a loving kiss that immediately calms Willow down.
I'd go with this bit of dialogue from Anya:

"I like you. You're funny, and you're nicely shaped. And frankly, it's ludicrous to have these interlocking bodies and not... interlock. Please remove your clothing now."

Okay, maybe not...I'm with DaveW on this one, actually..."Under Your Spell"...especially the, uh, climax of the number.


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best sex scene not most romantic
Yeah, I was talking about the ... climax of the number.

Linda - I'm suffering from my own definition of "sexy" here. I don't get excited by a bunch of bodies writhing and inserting things. There has to be an emotional connection behind it all. That's why I think there were some very sexy moments in Buffy, even though actual sex didn't make it onscreen - a little Season 3 "Drink me," anyone?
"best sex scene not most romantic"

No, Ch4 says: "100 Greatest Sexy Moments"

Sexy moments really doesn't have to be a sex scene. If I had to choose the greatest sexy moment from BtVS, it would be Giles threatening Spike (don't recall the episode off the top off my head). Or kicking the crap out of Ethan Rayne.

And now I'm going to see my therapist.
Talking a while back about Buffy with a girl I knew in high school (well, she used to be a girl...we are both now in our 40s)...I told her that my wife said, following the Buffy/Spike scene upstairs at the Bronze, "That was the most erotic thing I've ever seen..."

My friend hesitated and said, "Your wife is right."
Well, everyone has their own thing when it comes to sexy. Smashed worked for me and my wife because it was fiery, passionate and....well.....'inappropriate'. I loved how the fire of battle turned to lust and the battle still went on a little. Ahem......maybe I'm saying too much here.

The Willow-Tara moments were good, but I'm one of the few males in the world for whom lesbian stuff doesn't do much. I know, I know. Sorry. I just don't see what *I* would have to do with two lesbians who would consider me as interesting as a kitchen chair ya know?
(Although I still maintain that Tara was lesbian and Willow was bi.)

But THE sexiest scene of Buffy for me (besides every shot of Buffy or Faith in leather pants....hey we all have our thing) would be the basement talk between Spike and Faith. Nothing really happened but the sexual tension was palpable!

Sigh.....hey prolific, can I have the number of that therapist?
For some reason, I always consider the scene between Willow and Oz in Wild at Heart to be the 'sexiest' moment. Yet it was so simple...
The two are in bed and Willow is dreaming, talking in her sleep. As he nuzzles against her neck and ear Oz says 'It's a dream. Come back to me'.

Subtle, I know. But something about it makes my knees weaken every time.
Yes, Greyflowers, that was sublime...jeez, how many moments in Buffy meet that criterion!?

Um, maybe a bit off base, but the scene between Buffy and Angelus in "I Only Have Eyes for You"...? Maybe emotionally shattering, more than "sexy", but, wow....

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how come no connor/cordy???

*smiles sheepishly* just kidding
DaveW - Oh yes!! The "Drink Me!" scene was very sexy and way better than most sex scenes on TV..

But I have to agree with just about everyone's "sexy scenes". That should be a list that someone does - Buffy's top ten sexiest moments, or maybe top 50!!

rsfayez - Now why'd you have to go and put Connor and Cordy in my head?!! That would be the number one "Grossest things every shown in the Whedonworld!!" Glad you were kidding though!!
Gotta agree with every single scene people have mentioned (except the Conner/Cordy one). The difference between BtVS and many other TV shows is that every player has some chemistry with one or more of the others, and none are as two-dimensional as supporting characters on many other shows, so the emotional notes seem very true. This is the same reason that slashy subtext (and every blatant canon-y slash moments) are so easy to "get".

So you are going to see a lot of sexy, clicky scenes, just due to well-written, deep characters, consistency in characterization, and wonderful casting decisions.

Another quite sexy series of scenes was in "Bad Girls" when Faith and Buffy were big with the flirting, sexual tension, sweaty dancing, etc. And the fact that Doug Petrie noticed this and pointed it out in his DVD commentary was also a big plus. (He credited Eliza Dushku for ramping up the lesbian subtext, whereas Eliza in interviews has credited Sarah more for doing so.)

I must agree with blwessels that the viewer's own sexual orientation doesn't have to have too much in common with that of the pair on screen. I am a lesbian, yet have always found the scene in "Smashed" to be quite sexy, and indeed, any emotional or physical chemistry between Spike and Buffy to be quite interesting. But rather than all of us asking prolific for that therapist's number, we could instead just say to ourselves, "good job, BtVS!" Because it is a continual wonder how much stuff there is in the Buffyverse for so many radically different viewers to enjoy.

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