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July 09 2010

Warehouse 13 episode with Jewel Staite & Sean Maher. The episode airs on Syfy on Tuesday 9/8c July 13.

Will love seeing them together again. :)
Excited! Does anyone know if it will show on Hulu or something the next day? (Might have to miss it. =S)
It'll be shown on the next day.
I'm very excited about seeing this! Kaylee Jewel and Simon Sean together again!
We'll be doing a front page entry about it on the day so people can discuss the episode.
I'm so happy about this I'm almost sad... *sigh* ...and then I'm happy again!
Really don't like this show, but Jewel and Sean will probablu get me to watch this one ep.

Caught a promo on SyFy today, advertising "Firefly's Jewel Staite and Sean Maher". Sweet. :)
I love Warehouse 13 in much the same way I can never get enough of Doctor Who. It's completely absurd and totally unbelievable, but heap loads of silly fun. And of course, Sean & Jewel on screen together always lights up my day.

With that said, based on what we all saw in the preview, the idea of a normal guy becoming a superhero cuz he gets hold of a MacGuffin w/more power than he realizes is the same story an episode of Sanctuary tackled last season. GREAT episode of Sanctuary. I loved it, but even when they did it, it's a kinda tired idea. Sad that Warehouse 13 is walking a beaten path here.

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