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July 09 2010

Final two episodes of Amy Acker's Happy Town will not air on ABC. The episodes have been made available on Hulu.

I'm glad they'll be available on Hulu, I never believed that ABC would actually air them.
I've been wondering where these went. I thought maybe I had just missed them somehow.

I was actually starting to enjoy it - it had a rough start but was getting better.
I'm sad that the show got cancelled. It started off kind of patchy and hit-or-miss, but the last half of the episodes were very strong, especially the last couple (unaired) ones.

I just wish it had continued because, as it stands, the Series Finale ends with SUCH a cliffhanger (a GOOD cliffhanger) that I feel it needs to continue.

After watching those 8 episodes, I'm entirely hooked to this mystery and I want to see some resolution. That's not too much to ask, is it?

I'm looking at you SyFy. Pick it up!
They were probably the best two hours of the show so far, and it finally got going somewhere beyond the who-dunnit mystery! Shame it got cancelled!!
The end of the run was definitely better than the beginning. The last two are actually pretty "WTF, holy crap".
I know! I really wish we had maybe 4 more episodes to explain...lots of things...ahem I AM FULL OF SPOILERS!! Everyone must watch it before my spoilers explode onto the page!
I still need to finish the last one that aired before I jump into the final two. I also have been increasingly interested in this series, but at the current moment (3 from finished), there are still some wacky people that could (and should) get cut to be really polished.

I am glad they posted these somewhere. It would have sucked to be left with no closure.
Why is it ABC never bothers airing the last episodes of stuff they cancel? Not even in the middle of the night?

I'm still waiting on Better Off Ted :(
I can understand why it wasn't aired. Imagine how many viewers would complain after that cliffhanger? Kinda like how Fox didn't air the cliffhanger end to Tru Calling.
I think your question answers itself, AngelDiva.
Although i can see your point on the cliffhanger ending, the whole (really short) season was made up of cliffhangers and the end was a more conclusive(so not the right word) ending, in that we got at least one answer(about 50 more questions) but at least there was something there! So i guess it was a catch 22, no one was ever gonna be pleased!
I was just satarting to get into it to. I feel it got starte slow, (as a series) but really started to get good in the last few eps.
I guess TV is becoming a more barren wasteland again
It did get better in the last few Episodes. A lot of long-running shows didn't start out terribly well and took a half or full Season to find their way. Unfortunately, Networks these days usually want to see results a lot sooner than that. I'm disappointed that we won't get more Happy Town, but then I am disappointed about dozens of shows, so that's nothing new.

I was happy that we did get as many answers as we did.
I wish that I knew how to spoiler tag, as there are some things very much worth discussing in the final Episodes.

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