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July 09 2010

Happy Birthday Ron Glass! Raise a toast, he turns 65 today. And it's Chiwetel Ejiofor's birthday too!

Got to meet Ron at the Flanvention that actually took place. He is incredibly gracious and damn funny.
Happy birthday, Ron!
Happy Birthday Ron Glass! You rock and you're awesomely amazing!
Happy B-Day Ron, to you and your magnificent hair!
Happy Birthday Ron! It was an honor and pleasure meeting you at I-Con!
Many happy returns, sir!
A nice parade of Cancerians in whedonverse . . . Joss, Robin, Iyari, Ron . . .
Congrats, Ron, and you don't look 65. More like 50, tops.
I've added CJDamien's entry to this one. I think one birthday thread on the front page is enough.
Good point Simon... my bad... I didn't even think to do that.
Happy Birthday, Ron!
Happy Birthday, Ron Glass!

Happy Birthday, Chiwetel Ejiofor!

I think giving these two the same birthday is a clue about Shepherd Book's murky background. That Joss guy plans ahead.
Happy Birthday preacher man!
Ron Glass is an amazing talent and even greater human being. One of the nicest people I've ever encountered in my life. I hope his birthday is filled with fun, family, and friends! Many happy blessings :)

Big happy birthday love to Chiwetel Ejiofor! A brilliant actor and all-around great guy!
Happy Birthday to Ron Glass! I've not had the pleasure of meeting the man, but the accounts I've read from others, and the love he has shown for Shepherd Book and for the show in general, as well as his performance, have all lead me to hold him in quite high esteem.

(If only they made audio books of graphic novels. It would be so great if Mr. Glass were able to at least give an audio performance of "Shepherd's Tale"....)

And Happy Birthday to another very talented actor, Chiwetel Ejofor!

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