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July 10 2010

Serenity & Dr. Horrible Charity Screenings today in Madison WI . There's another CSTS event in Birmingham, UK.

Not sure if the Birmingham event has happened already what with the time difference. They are having a Sending A Wave Birmingham affiliate screening in Birmingham...whatever that means. Looks like they are Screening Serenity and Browncoats: Redemption

Whoops, forgot the link to other events CSTS 2010 event listings
Things never happen where I am! I'm actually going to be in Madison next week. It's my family's hometown so we visit often. So close! It's nice to know that there are Whedon fans in the Mad CIty though.
Psst, KaileeA42, did you tell your family and friends in the Mad CIty about the CSTS event?

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