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July 10 2010

Saturday's Whedonverse panels at Comic-Con. Adam Baldwin will be at the Chuck Screening and Q&A at 10am. At 1pm you can see Jose Molina at the "Write Stuff: Creating Genre Television" panel and Morena Baccarin will be chatting about V at 2.30pm. At 3.15pm, Julie Benz will be at the screening of her new show "No Ordinary Family". Felicia Day will be talking about The Guild and the Legend of Neil at 2pm and 7.30pm respectively. And Jane Espenson appears on the "Her Universe: Shining The Spotlight on Female Fans" panel which starts at 6.30pm.

Julie Benz will be there from 3:15-4:15 at the No Ordinary Family panel.

IDW also have a panel from 12-1 which I presume will cover Angel and Spike comics (it is not specified so I presume they will be covered there if not the next day.)
Thanks for spotting Julie Benz. I saw the IDW panel but it sounded more like it's for their Infestation event? I'm guessing tomorrow we'll see Dark Horse and IDW panels which will cover the Buffyverse and Angelverse respectively.
He's not listed, but I'm assuming (based on the recent Norton/HitFix article) that Joss will be at the Marvel panel. Hall H 6-7 PM.
Well it would be the perfect occasion to officially confirm him as the director. Marvel do seem to be dragging it out.
Is he ever going to post here again?? This seems like the longest time he's ever gone without checking in.

Gosh, what if he forgot he password (again!)
I'm expecting Joss to confirm himself as the director in the other panels. If you're gonna do a panel with cast, it would be next year.
I do miss him checking in. As much as I'd like to camp in Hall H for a chance to see our Purple Dude talk, I'm quite content that I'll be seeing him in Ballroom 20 on Friday. It just fits, ya know. Like B20 is his realm. Not stinky Hell H.
What's with the Hall H hate?
Also David B. at 2:00??? talking about Bones.
I was wondering about 'Bones'; it used to be that the TV shows (and movies) promoted at Comic Con had some tie in with sci-fi/fantasy and or comic books... So when did they start having police procedurals at SDCC? Was Dexter the gateway cop show? Of course I did hear the woman behind 'Medium' talk at SDCC and she was trying to explain how her show had nothing to do with fantasy.
Jane E. on female fans. Now my cup of envy truly runneth over.

Life is unfair (shocking!). My sister lives in Encinitas and given different circumstances .... oh well, I'd just get a huge eye roll from her, if I even mentioned that I'd love to be there for ComicCon, which I'm sure she's never heard of. :)

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