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July 10 2010

Marvel confirms new actor being hired for Hulk in The Avengers. "We are looking to announce a name actor who ... is passionate about the iconic role in the coming weeks."

Can you imagine the backlash and kerfuffle if Joss hired one of "his" actors for the role? I can hear the Whedon haters now, accusing him of getting rid of Norton to suit his own nefarious desires. :) I love Enver, but I don't think Marvel or Joss needs that particular brand of headache.
They've already got a headache from fan boys with Norton leaving.

I mention Enver not because he was in Dollhouse, but because he's really bloody talented, he can swap from vulnerable to macho to crazy on a dime in a way I've never seen before, and he's a really nice guy. Anybody who has been around Enver in a room where he starts to inhabit the other people in the room and reproduce the essence of somebody else (think Victopher) will know what I'm on about. I think that guy is going to be a huge star.
I agree that he is going to be a big star and that he's brilliant, but doesn't the press release say they are going to hire a "name"? Enver isn't that. Yet.
Agreed - Enver would steal the moive imho.
oh. God.

Save Avengers! Fox has already canceled it!
I like the description of why Joss will be there: "He's just giving a few panels on being awesome." That pretty well describes it.
Yep. I totally think Marvel need to keep the buzz controlled on this one.
I was a bit iffy continuity-wise in the other thread, but for some reason, all of that has disappeared and I just hope they cast someone good. Marvel really know how to spin words.

And the Joss description is one of the best thing I've read in a while.
Not that I think he's a bad actor, but I don't get the whole Enver thing. That said a role in the Avengers would be good for anyone's career, unless as TamaraC said, the backlash was focused on the actor, in which case maybe not so good...
sorry, don't know why that posted twice

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It'll be interesting to see who the 'named' actor will be. Whatever the case, Bruce Banner will have to feature in one of the upcoming Marvel movies to help give the actor a bit of credibility, otherwise it'll seem a bit strange seeing all these big players come together, then we're supposed to get excited about the guy who should have been Edward Norton being one of them.

I'd love to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt take on the role, but we'll see.
I'm very disappointed in this news although I'm still looking forward to the movie.But still,really not happy about this.

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"They've already got a headache from fan boys with Norton leaving."

Fanboys' (and girls') complaints are like the vuvuzelas during the World Cup. They're always going to be there, so Hollywood would do well to learn to tune them out. Besides, Joss will almost certainly pull a Chris Nolan and outsmart the complainers ("The Brokeback guy's playing Joker? Hell no!").
Exactly, Arsenal. Just another typical day in the life of a fanboy property. Nothing to see here. Move along. I'm taking my own advice now. :)
Felicia Day would make a great hulk.
Nah, they're saving her for Galactus.
Thumbs down. Bad Marvel, BAD!
*Marvel cowers in corner*
Ouch - that was a big FU to Norton. It's not the money, it's because you're a jerk. Pretty strong words for Hollywood, the land of ego stroking as high art.

Whoever they cast, the number one requirement as I see it, is the ability to keep up with Robert Downey, Jr. - must go think about that...
Ouch - that was a big FU to Norton. It's not the money, it's because you're a jerk.

Don't believe everything you read on the Net, bud. We'll know the dirty details eventually.

I find it very suspicious since Norton appeared to be amiable to joining "The Avengers" (and word is that Joss and he got along well during their meetings). I have a feeling a higher-up at Marvel just wanted revenge on Norton for that TIH film length spat in June 2008.

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So now three different actors will have played The Hulk in under 10 years.

I have a feeling a higher-up at Marvel just wanted revenge on Norton for that TIH film length spat in June 2008.

Which is what I was talking about.

and btw - Ms. Bud to you... ;-)
To be fair, I don't really care about Bruce Banner when he's not green and roid-ragey, so it doesn't matter to me who plays him. =P
They are holding out for Bill Bixby.
Bring back Eric Bana? I mean I don't remember hearing a huge outcry about him being replaced (Maybe I was just under a rock) But he was the original in this decade, and has shown he can play with the big boys (Star Trek anyone?) and well, one Aussie, just aint enough!

I personally didn't fine Norton's acting any better in the remake of the remake than Bana's, it really came down to storyline.

Maybe the Hulk can be the Defence against the Dark arts kind of cursed position... Never more than one movie per actor.
This is very disappointing news. But I expect Hulk to spend most of the movie Hulked out, not Bannered, so I hope it's not that bad.
God, I had a heart attack reading that headline. "Marvel confirms new actor for Hulk in Avengers: Enver Enver Enver." Damn. Then this is still bad news :(
Well, now that Norton's apparently out, I nominate Timothy Olyphant. Great actor, right age range, and he has the charisma to stand toe to toe with Downey.
I didn't see the Norton Hulk movie, but if he and Joss both did want to work together, this does seem a bit tragic.
But there's gotta be someone out there who can play a tortured scientist. They want a name actor, though. That narrows it down. And what age are they looking for?
No matter. Just get Morgan Freeman.
I'm not pleased. The only way that I would be ok with this is if a) She-Hulk replaced Hulk in the movie or b) Bruce stayed Hulked for the entirety of the movie.

I was hoping for a Hulk sequel with more Norton control, but that's just not going to happen.
I've no particular opinion about who should play Hulk - I'll leave that to the folks who cast - but this strikes me as a particularly dickish public pronouncement:

"Our decision is definitely not one based on monetary factors, but instead rooted in the need for an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members."

It makes me interested in hearing Edward Norton's side of the story - whereas if they'd just done the usual "we've decided to go a different way" blah-blah, I don't suppose I would've thought about it much.

But this? This stinks from fishes.
The wording of this post is a bit misleading. I thought Enver had been cast as Hulk until I read the article.
Yeah it confused me in my very tired, I'm dealing with a screaming child early morning form. So I've put in a quote to avoid any more confusion.
For some reason I'm feeling NPH as Bruce Banner. But, maybe it's just me.
James Nesbitt would be my ideal choice.
I actually love the suggestion the article makes, Sharlto Copley. Fantastic choice! Plus, while he's probably 'Name' enough, depending on their definition, he's also likely cheaper than a lot of other guys, which would please the cheapo Marvel execs!

Aside from that, I would like to suggest myself, cause I'd love to work with Joss, and maybe there's other people on the movie that are cool. I mean, hey, I have a name, and I've acted innocent when guilty many many a time (generally when damaging things in the home as a child) so I think I'm qualified!
Point is, there's no decision as of yet.

And Simon, please get some shut eye! We'll still be here when you wake up. :)

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Haha, James Nesbitt would be awesome, Simon. I loved him as Hyde.
this is really annoying and depressing and sad.
Very disappointing.
Such an ugly press announcement. It should be used in seminars on how NOT to burn your bridges in business, particularly in such a public manner. I wonder how much trust the next actors approached will have in the company's goodwill.
I'm not up for looking for the exact quote, but it reminds me of when Joss said something like: "When your casting, your not just looking for great actors, your looking for people who you can work with for five, six or even seven years". It seems Marvel didn't find that person.
Ed Norton = Terrell Owens. Talented, fun to watch, but many (but certainly not all) people he has worked with say he is not a good team member. This switch is similar to the 49ers, Eagles and Cowboys letting go of a talented, yet allegedly hard to work with, team member in order to replace them with someone that will make the team better. They brought him in for his passion and talent, but when they realized this was going to be a team effort, they decided he didn't fit the peripheral aspects of the role.

Remember: There were - allegedly - huge issues between Norton and Marvel during productuion and promotion. Norton played with the script at Marvel's request, but a lot of his stuff ended up on the cutting room floor. He is privately credited with changing dialogue for the film (as much of the setbuilding was reportedly already underway when he began tweaking script), and the dialgoue was not the strongest part of the movie in many eyes. Norton was seemingly frustrated to not have as much control over the project as he thought he did and was not heavily involved in the promotion of the film.

I would have been more surprised for Norton to have been in Avengers or a Hulk sequel than I am to see it recast.

As for people I'd like to see in the role?

Whedonites have a leg up in my book because Whedon picks team players to be in his shows. Enver seems like someone that could portray the range of frail and meek banner through wild 'hulking out' banner. However, NPH just doesn't fit that role for me - I'd rather see him saved for another role that better suits his extroverted talents if he is going to Avenger up. David Boreanaz is someone that might be able to pull this role off as well. I liked some of his meeker work on Angel (as rare as it was). However, a 40 year old Banner might be a bit too old for Marvel (yes, Norton is around that age, but he wasn't when Incredible Hulk was being filmed).

However, there is more to the world than former Whedon actors. I'd say Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies), Michael C. Hall (Dexter), and (to continue a trend of rehashing other Marvel Actors from other studios) Julian McMahon could all bring something interesting to the role. I know McMahon was far from ideal in Fantastic Four, but I think he was trying to play a comic book character almost like a melodrama villian. With better direction from a director that knows how to mesh character with fantastic situations, I think he could bring something good (although I think he is about as old as David). Or, come to think of it, Ioan Gruffudd might make a decent Banner. Reed Richards and Bruce banner are cut from the same cloth in many ways, and Guffudd was not the worst part of the FF movies...
I'm seriously disappointed about this, Edward Norton is IMO as fine an actor as Downey, which is to say, about as good as it gets. But what really upset me is the nasty wording. I hate hearing such negativity around any aspect of a movie Joss is involved with.
I've seen both Norton and Downey interviewed, and Norton was not the one who came across as arrogant and a bit full of himself.

At any rate, I wouldn't want to see a Whedonverse actor cast in the role under the circumstances, with so much baggage and potential blowback attached.
all i really took away form that is, "So they are working on Captain America!"
I'd like to see Enver in everything I watch for the rest of my life, but I do share the concern that it'll be perceived as Joss dropping an already established actor to shoehorn in one of his faves.
Captain America started shooting here in the UK, in Surrey, a few weeks ago. Somebody who flew over for that, by the way, would be a man called 'Joss Whedon'.
Jay Baruchel. The skinnier and nerdier the better.
Edward Norton is an amazing actor, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't love the replacement (just as much as I loved Don Cheadle in 'Ironman2'). I found the suggestion of Michael C. Hall very exciting (and of course I would adore any of our Whedonverse alum).
Okay, that's a sad thing to hear but what about Joss? Does anyone know if he's really going to do the movie?
I don't know if Lee Pace is the right guy for the role, but if he got it I'd see this movie a billion times. I'd watch him twiddle his thumbs for two hours if I could.
Steve Buscemi, best Banner ever. Imo.
I think a lot of people are suggesting people who are a little too buff for Brucie.
And Steve Buscemi - YES!
I'm not that familiar with Bruce, but I know the main characteristics and wouldn't someone like Henry Ian Cusick or James Callis be very good? Of course, neither of them are names, really. I'm sure their accents could be improved as well.
Ok, I'm totally out of the comic loop (I have all three X-Men movies & both F4 movies, 'cause I like them) but I can't be the only one going "Huh? Ralph Kramden's buddy was going to be in The Avengers??" And then I find out everyone's talking about The Hulk, and I'm picturing Kramden dissing Norton, and the consequences:

"Norton! Ya mook! We just needed two good frames to win, and you threw gutter balls! What's the matter with you?!"

"Hey-hey Ralphie Boy! Don't get me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

"Oh yeah?" pokes Norton in the chest

"Yeah." Hulks out, punches Ralph to the moon

Needless to say, I haven't seen either of the Hulk movies, so I don't know who played him. And, since I know nothing about The Avengers (I assume we're not talking Emma Peel here) I don't really have an opinion one way or the other who should play him in the next movie. I think Enver is a fantastic actor (I actually watched "Lie to Me" just for his performance). And right now I can't think of any other actor to suggest. David James Elliot, perhaps?
Needless to say, I haven't seen either of the Hulk movies

You're not missing much. The first is the most boring superhero movie ever made and the second one is just a bit generic. Can't recall anything of any note from it apart from the Stark cameo.
That's too bad. Poor whoever-gets-the-part, though. He'll be facing mistrust and negativity from day one... (not from me, to clarify).
Ooh! I like the idea of Henry Ian Cusick as Banner, Jaymii.

I too would say no to a whedon alum. I just think that there would be so much backlash that no matter how good they were, it would still possibly hurt their career more than help it.
Shame about Norton, and as far as the names that have been dropped here so far I truly believe that Enver Gjokaj would be a fantastic option without the fanboy backlash, but Adrien Brody is perhaps the best option in general.

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I would have said Adrien before he pumped up for Predators.
If Marvel's looking for a big named actor, I'd go with Jim Carrey. If he could deliver another quiet, restrained performance like the one he gave in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", he'll be the perfect Bruce Banner.

Or if you want the ideal Whedonverse actor, it would be Alexis Denisof. Enver's an amazing actor, but he's totally wrong for Banner. Enver would be a good Colossus or Captain Atom, I could even see him as Namor.
Shame they won’t take this as an opportunity to write Hulk out of the script. Criminally bad CGI could have been avoided here.
Maybe I'm jaded, but I'll just be happy if the movie gets made with Joss directing.
I wonder how much of the 'lowballing' is due to a concern that neither Captain America nor Thor will recreate the Iron Man magic. If those pics don't do as well, the appetite for the Avengers could be weak.
After Dollhouse I wouldn't put Alexis Denisof in the role of BB. But Adrien Brody in some unflattering baggy t shirt would work well! I mean he has loads of time to lose the sexy, sexy muscle too! I really hope he doesn't though...HAWT! Ahem, so yeah he'd be good.

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