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November 30 2003

Battle of the Babes The Bride (Kill Bill) vs. Sarah Connor (Terminator) vs. Shu Lien (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) vs. Buffy. Who would win?

Seems obvious enough to me: Buffy is the only one with superpowers.
Sarah Connor had no physical special abilities. Didn't watch the Shu Lien one. The Bride was actually very good and I think that she would have bet Buffy. The Bride was quick.
Is there oil involved in said matchup? ^_^ Seriously, this reminds me of the Star Wars vs. Star Trek vs. Babylon 5 debates. If all four were locked in a room and they all knew about one another's strengths and weaknesses, the three would in all likelihood gang up on Buffy first due to her slayer powers. Keep in mind that the three other contestants are all more experienced fighters than Buffy. I think the Bride or Shu Lien would have the best chance of defeating Buffy, but barring any lucky one-hit kills or cheatshots, Buffy will ultimately win.
Well, Sarah Connor is pretty much chanceless......Buffy has superstrength, but in the skill dept, both the Bride and Shu Lien could dance circles around her. (Big Buffy fan but really, Sarah punches like a girl. Watch the slow mo shots from 'Once More' when Giles is singing and she's punching the bag.) And good martial arts training lets you counter things like superior weight, height or strength from your opponent.

I'm gonna say the Bride. But it's a close call between her and Shu.

(Okay, inner geek fed for the day;-)
Having seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I would say Shu Lein does indeed have supernatural powers.

Sarah Connor is good with guns though, so she would just blow the other women away.
Sarah Connor spent a great deal of time not only learning guns and explosives, but teaching her son to be a "great military leader." She's got the strategy aspect the others really don't. Hand-to-hand, she'd be toast, but if she knew the fight was coming, she would have a distinct advantage.
It depends, which 'verse is this fight taking place in? Cuz you know the hero of her respective world would be the winner...;)
Ok, I'm a party pooper.
Sarah Conner's a survivor, sure, but so are the other women, in varying degrees, and the imagery I get from the situation is the four women in a small enclosed room with nothing in it but themselves. She'd be the first to go, I think.
Buffy's strong but her skills as a fighter (even disregarding SMG's own skills- suspension of disbelief and all) are limited, when you think about it, to what Merrick, Giles, and 7 or so years of experience have taught her.
I too think it comes down to a fight between Shu Lien and The Bride. My money's on Shu Lien, maybe just because I like Michelle Yeoh. But also, I think a lot of The Bride's power comes from her determination for vengeance and all that.
We've seen B get her butt kicked, not often, but it happens (Sunday, Caleb, the Master), so we know our girl isn't totally invincible. In this scenario, I'd have to go with Shu Lien. Barring any poison darts, that is.
Buffy wouldn't fight at all, you know, the whole girl power thing and respecting womanhood. And after Willow's spell, all these gals realize they are also potential Slayers!! They'd all just gather together for drinks and watch the Chippendale dancers and then have a big ole gab fest later!

But if they had to fight, Buffy would win. Buffy has proven herself over and over again how resourceful she is and she's got super strength, youth and super slayer healing over them. All she'd have to do is just keep at it until the others who don't have super slayer healing or superpowers just give out. But I still think she'd recruit them to kick some demon ass!!
Buffy would win, unless she previously did something to piss off the Bride.
Why are they fighting? I don't imagine any of these women (except the bride perhaps, I haven't seen it) fighting to the death just because they ended up in a room together. Not to take this overly seriously...

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