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July 11 2010

Gina Torres discusses her new series. Gina talks about her new show Huge, and views on obesity.

What a bizarre interview. "Ever call him Larry just to annoy him?" - what the heck kind of question is that? That has nothing to do w/her new show or her career. And those last comments on Cuba and

Oh well. Gina did the best she could with what she was asked. And, like all of Joss' people, she's intelligent, thoughtful, articulate and passionate.
Yeah, I think Gina was getting fairly annoyed by the interviewer by the end, but she definitely comes across with dignity. :)
Yeah - strange interview - but a resounding amen on the opera front.
Gina handled herself remarkably well there - I never realized just how articulate or intelligent she was. (Not saying I thought she was dumb before, mind =p)

Can't say I'm too impressed with Nicki Gostin's interview skills though.
That was a weird interview. But Gina gave good answers.

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