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July 11 2010

Why Simon Tam was left out of the 80's Firefly theme. io9 gives an update, and a video for Simon Tam, M.D.

I loved that one. Loved. Loved. Loved it!
Zac Efron as Junior the Clone

Okay, I forgive them.
LOL Okay that was great.
I know it's completely unintentional, but...THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!

Simon gets to be the modern day Quincy (screw that "Trapper John" go se...Simon's the heir apparent to Jack Klugman's crusading coroner!) and The Expendables get to look ever more awesome than they have been looking in the official trailers?! One word, people: SOLD!

Best Firefly Spin-off would have been Book. Or maybe Inara.

I could kind of buy the Simon spin-off, though. Kind of like a futuristic ER/Scrubs kidn of show. But it would have been weird without River...
Alright, I forgive them for excluding him. This really makes up for it.

I wonder what Badger and Saffron are doing there. Has karma finally caught up with them and are they making up for all the bad they've done? Or are they running illegal stuff out of the hospital?
The only reason I initially wanted to see The Expendables was because of Charisma... but this fake trailer actually makes it look fun :) Besides, I know my boyfriend will enjoy it, so it's a win-win for everyone!
Good job. I could see YoSafBridge playing at least three seperate characters lol.

Also the vid had a youtube link to my all-time favorite River/Simon FanVid...
Bwahahahhaa. Apology accepted io9. Well played.
@TDBrown - I forget her name, but the girl who made that has a few more that are just amazing as well. There was another Simon and River vid set to Bridge Over Troubled Water by someone else which I just loved, but it doesn't seem to be on youtube anymore :/
That I like. Which makes sense, since I liked 80s medical shows, but not cheesy 80s SF.
Heh. Makes me think of something I said here a while ago:
That universe and its characters are so well grounded that I truly believe even a single member of the original cast would be enough to sustain a new project.
brinderwalt | November 13, 16:57 CET

And - for the record - this would be Simon Tam, MD aka White Dwarf redux - Something I've been waiting for for ages!

ETA: Does this mean we're destined to find out why Shepherd Book was left out as well?

[ edited by brinderwalt on 2010-07-11 22:46 ]
Nice Save.
Yeah, that new vid makes up for the previous omission, transgression forgiven. :P Nice one!
HAHA Genius. I would watch that.
Funny spin-off! It's an 80's Flash back weekend.

If your browser security settings aren't loading the video, the direct YouTube link is
Hmmm, I'm still seriously gloomed!

Really need someone to perk my heart!
He wasn't.

Shhh... I'm trying to incite a trend...

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