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July 11 2010

Veronika Decides to Die German theatrical release on 30th September. Germany is the next country to give a theatrical release to the SMG movie VDTD .

Apart from France and Japan it has had a theatrical release in the various countries it has opened in and the German distributor Capelight Pictures has now set up an official Facebook page to promote that release .

However for the US and UK there is no release scheduled .The previously scheduled US DVD release has been pulled from Amazon.

Yeah, I was so bummed when for nearly a month, the DVD was listed in my Netflix Queue as "Coming Soon". Now, not so much. I'm not certain, but I do think it was going to be streaming on Netflix Watch Instantly. Sigh.

In related news, Possession came in the mail yesterday. Despite the general reviews of "pretty, but forgettable", I'm kind of looking forward to watching it.
I'm in S. Korea at the moment and I managed to catch it just the other day. I had been reading the book and wrongly assumed it had been released in the US and UK because it just seemed like forever since I had seen the trailer. Why on earth they would not release the DVD is just silly, especially now that it's been released elsewhere. (I get that maybe it wasn't expected to gross much at the box office.)

SMG was the PERFECT choice for Veronika!!! I really enjoyed her performance, as well as those of some other actors. There are quite a few differences from the novel, but I thought SMG put so much into the role of Veronika. I don't want to say more and spoil anyone... I will say that while the novel's end was no secret, a person watching the film might appreciate the resolution.

I made a thread for it in the film section on .org.

I think SMG fans will really enjoy her performance in this film. Coelho fans may or may not like the film adaptation.

ETA: I meant to say that a person watching the film without having read the book might appreciate the film's resolution in a way the reader couldn't quite do so. Hope that makes sense.

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I was a huge fan of the book and caught the film last year and it was perfect! I mean it's no secret that I'm an SMG fan(being here and all) but I was dreading the release, but after seeing it and how well it was adapted and cast, it was one of those rare achievements for book to film adaptations. But it isn't a cinematic kinda film, it's about a woman trying to commit suicide! So I can see the resistance in releasing it, but still...RELEASE IT!!!
I just bought the DVD the other day, and now I have to manage to get the time to watch it. I have never read the book, but if SMG is in the movie of course I have to watch it :)
Satai, you can appreciate the film very much without having read the book, trust me. Enjoy.
Even with SMG I will not buy I Know What YOu Did LAst Summer or Scream 2. And I won't watch Harvard Man again even tho I repalced my copy when it was stolen. and I'm dubious on re-watching Southland Tales.

I'm upset about this; I thought this might be the vehicle which got her recognition as someone who can carry a non-horror and non-comedy piece.
Every time I hear about this movie, I think about SMG guest-starring on Veronica Mars. Then I get sad.
Did she guest-star on VM? Or not, perhaps that is the reason for said sadness?
No she didn't, sorry Satai and Punsch!
The sadness is moreso that Veronica got cancelled before someone realized what an amazing idea SMG guest-starring on VM would be.
wait, you mean THEY(the producers) didn't think of that when they were giving guest spots to everyother member of the Buffy cast and Joss? Well that's kinda odd...

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