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July 11 2010

Poll of most missed TV characters. Huffington Post poll of TV's most missed characters, including Jenny Calendar.

And also Julie Benz on Dexter.
There are a whole lot of other Whedonverse characters I miss before pretty much everyone.
Ummmm....her death was definitely tragic (poor Giles!!!), but as a character...not so much missing. Take out any other member of the
Scooby Gang at that point in the show and I would have been the one swinging a flaming bat.
Um... Omar Little isn't in the top 5?
Dru as in Julieut Landau. They just don't build actresses like that anymore.
Losing Seth Green and writing out Amber Benson were bigger deals.
sniff ... I miss Rita already and the season hasn't even started yet.
Um... Omar Little isn't in the top 5?
Arsenal | July 12, 04:04 CET

That surprised me too. On the other hand, we had longer to miss Stringer Bell, and an equally mind bending exit for his character. The long goodbye as opposed to Omar's "OMG, did that just really happen?"
Always great stuff, from The Wire.
JOYCE!!! Really devastated by her death, but Jenny was the first BIG death, that was the game changer where no one was safe so yeah they had to put her there and I really did miss her for a season and a half after!
Wash!, I almost cried in the theater when i watched the movie the first time
Pretty much in agreement with everything BlueSkies said. Hell, I'm still not over her death. Robia LaMorte really did a fantastic job with the character and I would have loved to see more of Jenny.
It should have been Anya on the list. Jenny's character went as far as it could have gone, I feel, and personally, I much preferred Olivia as Giles' significant other.
Jenny was one of my favorite characters of the first two seasons. I definitely missed her. If we're talking about any of the characters that got killed off or otherwise left BEFORE the finale, I'd have to say I missed Tara and Joyce a lot, too. Only had maybe 5-10 minutes to miss Anya before the finale ended, so I can't say I missed her for too terribly long.

But then again, I miss all of them now.
I agree that Jennie established the precedent; the others were each more important but, well, we wouldn't know Shylock or Portia without Antonio.

NotLikeCousteau: I agree, I preferred Olivia personally, altho how well she could have ever adjusted to the supernatural stuff in Rupert's life. (I only raised Jennie in my fics because Is tarted writing them before Josss killed of half my main characters and since I was brinign them back anyway what the hey?) one else missed the Master?
They did not miss Tara?
Well I miss Tara and Joyce. So there! :-)
I missed Jonathan.
Topher and Adelle and Echo (all of them, except the serial killer guy) :)

And since this list isn't limited to Whedon characters, literally every main character from BSG.
Dana5140 quantumac Berry ; As I'm sure you all know, I agree with you on missing all of them more, but as I said, Jennie set the precedent.

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