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November 30 2003

Angel returns Jan 7/Jan 14 Angel to return - 5x09 - on the first non-holiday Wednesday of January 2004. (Allegedly)

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Finally the WB has given information on the schedule of upcoming new episodes.

Angel will return in the first or second Wednesday in January 2004 which is not a holiday.

January 7 or January 14 2004

So theWB has decided not to show one or two episodes around Xmas-time.

(Story taken, indirectly, from WB link not directly linked to relevant story)

where exactly did you get the info from?

thanks for that thought, as least i know when to expect

now i just have to last out and not get tempted by the spoilers....eeeek
argh, it's too long to wait :(
I would seriously question the WB's sanity if Angel restarted on Jan 7th. Doing this would give Angel 4 episodes in January, Including numero 100. Why the WB would place The hundreth episode of a series in a non-sweeps month boggles me, you know it's going to be heavily advertised as a hundredth episode, placing it in the week before sweeps month is just plain stupid. Of course, the WB would never do anything stupid, would they?

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January?? Argh (fainting ...)
i was thinking that too 400lb_Gorilla - we'll have to wait and see what happens

maybe episode 13 to 16 are even bigger than the 100th episode?

The WB did though (and i'm not a charmed fan, but it was the only WB show i could think of that's been through episode 100 when it's number 12 recently) air the 100th episode of charmed on the 19th January - and then the next episode that aired was during feburary sweeps

i didn't watch it though...was it a big-scale important episode?

so who knows what will happen

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Last year, episode seven aired on Nov 17th, and episode eight aired on January 15th. Seasons one through three each only aired one episode on December, and then two in January. (

So, it's not that farfetched that the next episode won't be until the second week of January. Sure, it will probably kill the ratings like it did last time, but it's still very possible.
I've checked the WB site and can't find the info on air dates. Do you have a link to the page that they are listed on? Thanks.
Thanks you guys for the update! For what it's worth: I have a friend who is a producer on SURVIVOR and he tells me that sweeps start being a factor a week or 10 days before the actual "sweeps month." So the industry really starts February Sweeps in late January.
that's true actually

often it starts earlier or goes later

so the 100th episode, if it airs on the 28th, might actually fall into the sweeps period
There was a rumour going round that only one new episode would be aired in January.
I only have one issue with the statement of showing the first episode on the 1st or 2nd Wed that is not a holiday. Jan 1,2004 is on a Thur, therefore there would be no Wed holiday in Jan next year. However Jan 1, 2003 was on a Wed so I wonder if they didn't get it from that.
This news orginated at And at this time of writing there is no independent evidence to indicate the validity of this information.
What Simon's said, was my original source and I used that but didn't link to it as - previously - it's been discouraged for obvious reasons.

I was a little confused about the 'non-holiday' thing as well but just put it down to a little American-thing, being English and all :)

Oh, and I totally envisioned 5x12 airing during the sweeps as well. Unless they assume they can put it just before sweeps and draw in the audience because they'll hype it like crazy and have even more to play-out with the sweeps episodes.

Guess it's just a case of wait & see.
In answer to why WB might play the 100th ep before sweeps, I think that the competition with The O.C. and the West Wing are good enough reasons. I wouldn't be surprised if those shows crushed Angel during sweeps, especially if The O.C. is riding a swell from American Idol when it returns. By avoiding direct conflict, the WB may be able to keep its audience for the show.
So why would you post news linking to a site that does not contain said news? The originating site will post anything, regardless of the source or validity. I'm as anxious as anyone to see more Angel, but let's stick to reliable news sources.
brother_grady - Sweeps is about money and how to make more of it, the WB would not waste guest stars and milestone episodes before sweeps if they didn't have to or they would lose money and that is something they hate doing. I dont think that episode 11 or 12 will air prior to sweeps, to much potential for atrracting viewers to the show. My money is still on the 21st being the first new Angel episode, cause even then episode 10 would then fall in the 5 week period known as Feb sweeps
this rumour is confirmed by Matt Roush ( reporter & very good spoiler source).
Matt at tvguide is not confirming the dates he only confirms that we wont have new episodes till Jan 2004, which I thought was a given concidering the content of the next few episode and the guest stars they include.
RavenU, an example of the philosophy of not getting KILLED during sweeps was evident in what NBC did this past year with Scrubs during Sweeps. Rather than let it get wrecked in the ratings against superior competition, NBC pulled Scrubs during Sweeps. That is what I could see happening to Angel during Sweeps. Let's face it, if Angel isn't beating the competition now, then why would the execs expect it to beat them during Sweeps, when the other networks pull out all the stops.

If the episodes are run before Sweeps, then at least the positive spin can be placed on good ratings. WB may be pleased with the ratings of Angel, but they still don't have a great deal of confidence in it, especially against The O.C. and The West Wing during Sweeps.

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