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July 11 2010

The AV Club lists 38 stories that take place largely within dreams. Guess which Buffy episode makes the list.

Holy crap, I can't believe they had Mixed-Up Mother Goose. I adored that game as a kid.
Dreamscape and Identity love? Excellent.
How about all of St. Elsewhere?
Oh, I was expecting "The Weight of the World"...
Where is Sandman on this list? Too many dream-centric stories to count ... "Dream of a Thousand Cats," or "A Game of You," or "Exiles." To name just a few.

Paprika would also fit nicely on this list.
What, not "Normal Again"? :-)
I thought "Amy's Choice" was an excellent episode.

"Attack of the old people? Oh, that's ridiculous, this has got to be the dream."
I actually rather enjoyed Soul Purpose from Angel (though I had to look up the actual title) and wasn't that even directed by David Boreanaz? Actually there was also that season four episode of Angel where they had that one prophet guy trick Angel into dreaming of a moment of perfect happiness which I may have liked even more.

There's also Dollhouse's stylish take on the mind episode, and Out of Gas from Firefly was practically a dream/flashback on Mal's part.

As for the others to make the list, I did love the Futurama episode they picked out since it was one of their genuinely sweet episodes. Also I totally forgot the ending of one of their spoiler movies but I did dig it and incidentally Nicky Brendon was one of the leads.

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