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"He's putting the hair away now."
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July 12 2010

QMx "Inevitable Betrayal" Wash Little Damn Hero Maquette Sneak Peak. In advance of the upcoming SDCC.

You gotta love the Alpha eyes...
And hate the teeth. That's all I can focus on. Well the palm trees are cute.
Nonsense! They look... very...... shiny.
Anyone else get the "Bikini or Lamp" picture quiz on the right side of the page? Whoa.
Wants! Wants now!! Dammit, why can't I have it now?!?
Anyone else get the "Bikini or Lamp" picture quiz on the right side of the page?

Don't leave me in suspense. Which was it?
what did they do to his hair??
This would be great if he didn't look like a total creeper.
First one I've liked. Cute widdle dinos.
I take it all back.
I've been really bad mouthing QMX assuming they dumped this line what with the new manga River statue and the Mule sculpture.
Silly me - still I do wonder what's happened to the River maquette, that was one of the first I saw.
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. For those who aren't so sure about Wash's expression, take a gander at this: (fast forward to :28) At least, that's what we were shooting for :-)

As for River - she's next. We weren't happy with how the original sculpt came out so we started over. You'll have to tell us if it was worth the wait.

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