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July 12 2010

Serenity screening at Comic-Con 2010. With possible special guest(s)! It's about 5 blocks from the convention center. All money raised goes to Equality Now. 10pm on Thursday 22nd July. Are you going? Update: Tickets on sale now.

Tickets should be on sale tomorrow morning according to the theater. The link above will have the link to Fandango once it's live.
I'm looking forward to this!
If anybody is looking for navigational aids to find the venue - it's right by Horton Plaza, so not difficult to find.
Well, a block east anyway. You can't see actually Horton from there.
The best part? You can still go to the Dr. Horrible Sing-Along before going to see Serenity!
Almost like they planned it that way.
kmb99 - heh, you weren't there in the planning were you? :)
If I was planning, I wouldn't have overlapped The Cape, Spartacus and Joss!
Spartacus and Joss panel overlapping is harsh. Sorry Joss, I think I'm gonna get me some Deknight.
I'm planning to leave w00tstock early for this.
gossi or mods, can you add the ticket link? Thanks.

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Done. I'm going to this.
The link keeps breaking. Can you use this one instead


You'll need to click on the "Tickets" tab or the 10:00PM Serenity link at the bottom to get tickets.
Tis done. Good luck with the showing.
Got my ticket! I'm a little concerned about walking back to my hotel after the show, but I'll deal.
Why so, jrs?
Female, downtown San Diego, after midnight...
There will be hundreds of people out and about at that time. I'm pretty sure there will be other Browncoats walking the same direction too. Group up after the movie?
Like I said, just a little concerned. Not enough to avoid the situation. Once I'm there, I'll adjust to the environment. Thanks for the tips. :)
I wished i could go, it'd be awesome to meet up with some fans.
I bought 2 tickets to this. Just happens to be the first day of my vacation so I'm starting with a bang! I'm going to bring my daughter along. She has never attended any CSTS's so what a way to be initiated. I cannae hardly wait.

Coming all the way from AZ for this.

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The pressure! Now how can we go about making this awesome for everyone?

*brings out the 76 bloody trombones*

Thank you, danregal, for putting this together. I scored my 3 tickets, and am still pondering if I should buy another 2 for my co-workers (although they're not on my *good* list right now).

I can't wait to go! Although I may have to skip out on Dr. Horrible to get some of w00tstock- still haven't made up my mind on that one.

This is going to be so AWESOME!! :)
Only that which was grown on misguided promises. According to those things, I should have had my CSTS ticket last week. I'm surprised he didn't delay it more intentionally just to torture me (because the world revolves around my pain).
I was saying I'm impatient.
Does anyone know if tix will be on sale at the theater that night? I'd love to see this on the big screen (again) but will be at the SD summer pops concert (Final Fantasy), starting @ 8pm. Not sure it'll be over by 10pm. Thanks!
Tickets will be on sale at the theater only if it is not sold out.
danregal says on Twitter that after two days, it's already 1/3 sold.

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