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December 01 2003

"Saying good-bye to Buffy again is very difficult". The monthly comic book series bows out at #63.

There were some patchy stories in the series but on the whole it wasn't too bad and there were some cracking plot arcs. And it was interesting to see how a Buffy writer from the TV series used his or her imagination unrestricted from budgetary concerns.

Wow, lots of comics action this week. Never really got into them, but right now they seem like a good withdrawal fix.

I wish they would do another WannaBlessedBe (Willow & Tara comic written by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden). It seemed aimed towards "younger kids" than me, but I enjoyed seeing them again in any form. Are any of the Buffy comic "episodes" particularly strong with Willow and/or Tara?

Beyond these 63 and the 8 Fray, I know there are quite a few other Buffy related comics. I don't think they will completely end anytime soon. In fact the description for #63 says at the end:
Look for next month's Tales of the Vampires, by Buffy show writers Jane Espenson, Doug Petrie, and Joss Whedon himself!

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I didnt think this was the last issue of Buffy, I just thought they were stopping for a few months to see what Joss does next and what the characters do post-season 7.
From what I remember hearing - sorry, I don't have links to announcements or anything - it's the last of the monthly comic. Meaning it's possible that there will be more comics, just not on a regular basis. Like the Tales of the Vampires comic, which I was surprised to hear was coming out so soon after the last of the series.

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