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July 12 2010

Happy Birthday Fran Kranz! Raise a toast, he turns 27 today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Topher man! I salute you with Bison. :)
Definitely a cause for celebration. Happy Birthday to the Fran-man!

Now I'll have to pick something to rewatch...
Wow...mighty interesting to note I'm actually 2 days older than Fran. Happy birthday to a fellow Cancer, in any case!
Happy Birthday! All the best and here's hoping to see you on our screens sometime soon :)
Happy birthday, man-friend! I hope you have a good year, fellow Cancer.
Have a Happy! (Hmmm, if they amde a mvoie about Mayberry he might amke a good Barney Fife; comical, high-strung, outwardly wimpy but with a bit of a dark side... Nathan Fillion as Andy Taylor, Amber Benson as Helen Crump, Amy Acker as Thelma Lou, ee-yeah, could work....)
Happy Birthday, Birthday buddy! And for so long I thought it was only me and Harrison Ford! (Even though Franz has 6 years on me)
Time to break open the drawer of inappropriate starches! Happy Birthday, Fran!
Happy Birthday Fran!!
Happy Birthday, Fran!!!
Happy Birthday to one of the most compelling actors the Whedonverse has yet introduced (and that's saying a lot).
the best birthday wishes to fran! I hope he's back on our screens soon
Happy Birthday Fran! :)
I don't usually do the birthday threads, but you are special, Fran Kranz. Have a perfect day and a Solar Year full of happiness and success.
(Someone beat me to the "inappropriate starches" thing) :_)

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