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July 12 2010

Alan Tudyk added to Fantasia Festival guests, presenting Tucker & Dale VS Evil. Alan Tudyk to join previous announced Tucker & Dale VS Evil guests to present at the sold-out screening for the Fantasia Film Festival.

Alan will be joining director Eli Craig and co-star Tyler Labine to present the film on July 27th.

This makes living in Montreal that much more awesome!
Nooooo! I tried to convince the boyfriend to get tickets to that screening the other day but he wasn't that enthusiastic. And then I forgot to follow up... Now it's sold out and Alan Tudyk will be there?! Why do I procrastinate so?!?!
*%#'! plus every other cus word.
Sold out!!
and me a card carrying alumni of the Concordia U!
Mal get the mule out we go'n on a raiding party!

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