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July 12 2010

Season 4 premiere of The Guild now online. It's titled 'Epic Guilt'.

You can also watch HD and SD versions of the episode on Xbox Live.

Clara's "achievement unlocked" quote made me laugh. It's good to have The Guild back.

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That was so refreshing! I missed my Guildies!
Yay, new season!
Poor Codex. The gods are not smiling on her. ;)
Can anyone else confirm that you can't actually store the episodes on your 360, just stream them? The previous three seasons I could download but there's no physical presence of the season 4 premiere on my 360.
I just downloaded it, Simon. It's workin' fine for me.
New season of The Guild? Awesome. I had no clue it was coming back so soon. I thought I read that there wasn't anything happening until 2011. Now I have something to look forward to on Tuesdays again.
oh, awesome,I didn't know it was coming back so soon!
Very happy The Guild is back. =)
AHHH, TOO EXCITED!!! This definitely softens the blow of spending my entire summer in intensive Latin classes!!!
:) "Achievement unlocked" was epic Clara. I'm a little turned off by Bladezz's cooking skills... poor burgers. Zaboo's scream was hilarious!

What would make a computer catch fire like that in real life?
Watched it again. Still awesome. :)

Can't wait for the Guild panel at Comic Con.
Woo! New Guild!

Felicia Day = Awesome. Just sayin'.
That was epic! Thanks for posting, or I would have missed it!
This show is on fire!

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