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July 13 2010

Firefly 12" custom figures. Check out these wonderful 1.6th scale custom Firefly figures.

Best sculpts that I've seen of these characters so far. Love the attention to detail when it comes to each of their costumes.

Well they're the best Firefly figures I've seen to date.
I agree. Certainly knocks Tonners attempt into a cocked hat. *g*
These are just awesome, thanks for the link.
Those are amazing!
The guys look great, but Kaylee's eyes look a bit demonic! But agreed, very good job.
Shiny! Those are so amazing! Dead-on! My mouth was watering just a little... Are these being created to be sold? Like by Slideshow or a similar company... Or just a sculptor hobby-thing? I would buy those in a second! I bet dude is gonna get an extra pic with the cast at Dragon*Con ....jealous... And I agree with you, Valentyn. Kaylee's eye's are totally creepy!
Jayne is ridiculously perfect. And I agree about Kaylee's eyes. And Mal's pants are a bit poofy. But all in all, Awesome.
Face wise, the Kaylee suffers from Wash syndrome and the Zoe looks a little too manly, but the Jayne is almost perfect and the Malcom... that's just uncanny! (Word of advice: Don't let Nathan anywhere near the original...)
Absolutely loved these! Kaylee does look a little off but still I'd buy it in a second! I always wished that Sideshow had done a Firefly line and I wish I had the talent to make these myself. Mal & Jayne are spot on. They looked awesome all posed together.
I think they really captured Jayne's essence.
Agree that Kaylee's eyes are a little manic, and why is Zoe's face so HUGE?

I usually tend to stay away from the 12 inchers because of the ill-fitting clothes and the weird articulation, but these costumes are incredible! Also Jayne? Nigh perfect. Cap'n looks a little haggard, but Mal did look haggard sometimes.

Minor complaints aside, these are the best I've ever seen.
Jayne is perfect.

I can't wait to see the rest of the crew! These are Jayne's hat, Zoe's neck...tie...cord...thing, Mal's suspenders. Everything's so character-appropriate. Definitely dedication. Except...why does Kaylee have a teddy bear? I love that she's got a wrench in the other hand.

I think Mal has a few too many wrinkles and Kaylee does look a bit...spooked. But I can't imagine how difficult it is to make the faces 100% accurate.

I admire folks who can resculpt (Or just sculpt) their own figures, and I'm more than a bit jealous. But I'm not brash enough to say "I could do that!" 'cause...can't.
These are by far the best Serenity figures I've seen.
Related note, Sideshow Toys posted this comment in their most recent Q&A last week: "We wish Tonner GREAT success, and we’ll certainly keep an eager eye on how the line performs for them. We're not at all negative on Serenity, but no one has mailed us letters, apples, worn browncoats, shiny hats, or generally campaigned very hard for the property, outside of the occasional Ask Sideshow entry. Yes, consider this a challenge..."
Those are beautiful - they make me ask myself "why can't any company produce figures with likenesses as good as these for fans to purchase?"

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Kaylee's figurine is kinda creepy, I don't think it's just the eyes, something about the expression is off too. I think it's the smile.
Will.bueche I was a huge Sideshow Buffy/Angel collector when they had those and I do recall hearing quite a bit of interest for a Firefly line on the Sideshow Freaks message board (which they read and had people posting on). So I'm not quite buying that they weren't getting many requests for this line. That said, if they offer up a Firefly line I'll be all over it!!
bl, this is like your dream come true! PERFECT (almost) Firefly figures in 12"!! Did all the blood just rush to your head? ;)
These are amazing! Jayne is spot-on, though I agree about the creepiness of Kaylee.
Aw -- without Wash there I suddenly just got that dropping feeling again...the crew without him... ;-; *sigh*

BUT -- feelings aside these are really cool and cute! If anything I wish I could just buy that tiny Jayne hat!

And I'm with you guys: the eyes(or mouth) of Kaylee just a wee bit creepy.
The Mal and Jayne sculpts are a thing of likeness beauty! So masterfully done, both in physical and personality recreation. Zoe's sculpt is nicely done, though it seems a bit masculine and somewhat overtly aggressive in her expression. Zoe is more of a stoic Warrior Woman, and stealthy-like. As folks have commented above, Kaylee seems kind of manic. It's trickier to sculpt a full-on smiling person, and a lot of Kaylee's warmth and sweetness got lost in the translation.

All in all though, these are absolutely marvelous, and I'd buy them faster than Mal could shoot a bad cop in the face.
xWolffspridex The creator is working on the other five crew members, according to what I read in the (very confusing) comments. Or...someone is. I had a hard time keeping track of who was doing them and who was commenting on them. I'm looking forward to seeing how Book turns out - does he have the sardonic grin, or the "Stern Watcher Glare"? And what fantastic outfit will Inara be wearing? Will River be in combat boots, or barefoot? Does Wash come with his dinosaurs? Will Simon be in a suit, or just a vest?

Does anyone know what the bodies are that are being used? The creator answered in the thread, but used abbreviations, which does me no good. I'm just wondering if they're readily available dolls, or something that has to be searched out. Apparently they're fairly pricey, which makes this an even bigger work of dedication.
Yeah, I want also! These are gorgeous: Zoe isn't the best likeness but points for including her in this first set of figures. Kaylee's eyes are a little weird, but the likeness is pretty good, and the Mal & Jayne are both totally amazing. Wait, these are made by an individual, and not by a licensed company? Amazing!

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Oooh, scary eyes.

They all look like they are getting ready to vamp!

Still damn good though.
They all kind of have a touch of crazy eyes now that I look. Musta been the Reavers. LOL!
They're all great with the exception of the Kaylee head sculpt. She looks super wonk-wonk. Almost Chuckie-esque.

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Kaylee looks like Chucky.
Aww, No, I disagree there. I think she's looks fine. Considering how the Tonner line came out even the weakest of these sculpts are still miles ahead of them.

ShadowQuest Concerning the bodies, If you read through that thread from the beginning it'll tell you how they were put together. I think that half of them were put together using Hot Toys bodies.

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I'm OK with their expressions - they look determined/serious (except for Kaylee). Kaylees likeness is definitely a bit scary, but I love the rest of them.
Kaylee's eyes could do with a repaint, but otherwise, darn, me likey.
Willowy if Sideshow does them and they look as good as these custom ones, yup, I'll be first in line! I spent a small fortune on the Buffy/Angel line but at least if they do these there won't be as many figures to collect. I think they should do a naked Mal sculpt sitting on that rock!!
Firefly Flanatic I second the rock! By the by, anyone know what his hip tat is? Or what Jayne's arm tat is? Jayne's looks like a crazy 8 ball surrounded by flames.

But if we get Nekkid Mal we need Nekkid Saffron ("She was all naked and...articulate!") and Inara taking a sponge bath.
I agree it must be a paint issue with the Kaylee figure (looks like there are several people working on their own projects). These look different, and here's one on the ship.
I found the sculptor's site. His gallery is.totally.awesome.

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