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July 13 2010

Amazon has the Serenity DVD listed at 57% off. Though it's pretty unlikely you don't all own it already.

Ahh, fullscreen edition. It's a good deal as a gift to someone maybe, but I'm a pretty dedicated letterbox dimension purchaser. Thanks for sharing the link though! Never too early to stockpile on stocking stuffers.
Well, not all of us.
I'm pretty sure this is the last copy I'm going to buy. Pretty sure. No, mostly sure. Well, kinda sure. Maybe.
well, there's always new friends to convince, you know, it's good to have extra copies.
I only have four copies of Serenity. My friends tease me for it, but really, one's BluRay, one's iTunes, one's a collector's edition, and the other is my get-people-hooked copy, so I don't think four is unreasonable.

However, for under $7, I'm trying to find a way to justify a 5th...
And there is probably some community areas that need Serenity dvds somewhere...
The site currently says "Only four in Stock (With more on the way!)".

Great for Shindig Prizes, or Donations to the local Library, Boys and Girls Club, etc.

Edited for Typos... Dyslexic Fingers.

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