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July 13 2010

Felicia Day Profile and Interview by Maureen Ryan. Nice profile and interview by M. Ryan on the lovely Miss Day and the Guild.

Very nice interview, it was interesting to read about the differences between traditional acting and the work Felicia Day does on The Guild.
Loved this. I really like Mo Ryan so when I saw that she was doing an article about The Guild and Felicia it was totally a squee moment.
Awesome sauce.
I just watched the first episode of the Guild's new season, it is a great start! I just think Felicia Day is so talented, and sweet and awesome.
Somehow Felicia Day makes me smile. Cant seem to stop. Dont know why. How strange :)
I've had questions like, "You didn't really write that script, did you?" I've actually had a couple of producers or executive people ask me that to my face.

Jesus Henry Christ. In a perfect world that'd be followed by a bitingly sarcastic response and/or a slap around the chops. Stupid imperfect world.

Good interview, Ms Day making with the sane, considered answers as usual. It's interesting to see the slight change in feel of her responses as the seasons go on too, as she balances actually producing work with maintaining the community that supports that work. To me one of the questions about web content (or any "niche" product) is how well does it scale and whether it could ever become a victim of its own success (e.g. too big for one of its unique selling points - community interaction - to continue to work) and 'The Guild' is (as with most things web series based) a great test-bed.

(and new series from the same team gives me the warm fuzzies. The idea that we might even see them this year or early next is like a fuzz overload)

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