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July 13 2010

(SPOILER) Preview clip of Jewel Staite and Sean Maher in tonight's Warehouse 13. The episode starts at 9/8c on Syfy.

I have mixed feelings - great as it is to see those two actors on-screen again, seeing them being used like this, seemingly as gimmicky Firefly tie-in bit parts, strikes me as a waste of their tremendous talents. Jewel Staite in particular blew me away with her turn on Wonderfalls, a character so completely unlike the one she played in Firefly, it's not like they need this sort of typecasting. Give them proper roles! (There is of course the possibility that I've got this all wrong and the clip is unrepresentative of the episode as a whole.)
Sean looks fabulous! I have missed him.
Jewel was right, Sean hasn't aged, lol.

What kind of comic book fan opens a rare mint condition issue and handles it like that?!
I really enjoyed that, of course I think the show is fun anyway, but I really loved seeing Kaylee Jewel and Simon Sean. They both looked great and I enjoyed their characters, which I didn't think were too Firefly like (his was not tight assed and hers was not a hick).
The magical trunks had me howling. Too funny. And they (Sean and Jewel) are so sweet together, even when their characters have such a different feel from Simon and Kaylee.
Um, are you folks referring to the preview clip or the episode? I saw pie and Twizzlers in the linked preview, but no rare comic books nor magical trunks. The episode will be airing here on the left coast soon enough, so I blame myself for having first read this thread. :)

Oh, and I concur with daylight.
I'm personally just tickled at any excuse to see Jewel and Sean again. And it's nice for an excuse to watch Warehouse 13 again; it's a nice show but didn't hold my attention the first time around.
Jewel and Sean were good, but my favorite moment was the reveal of the Kirby Belt. I was hoping the artifact would be tied to Jack Kirby somehow, and the writers delivered.
I didn't care for Warehouse when it first debuted, but a couple weeks ago they had a marathon on sci-fi or syfy or wtf-ever they call it now, and that allowed me to really get into some of the characters.

Having Kaylee and Simon on tonight was the perfect excuse to keep watching. I now dvr the series.
A very enjoyable episode! Jewel and Sean look great and have such a lovely chemistry together. I'll be rewatching the ep a few more time, and probably buy it on iTunes too just to give it more of a boost... a vote (with money) that our Firefly crew have an ongoing following.

By the way, regarding comments that their characters weren't different enough, hey, they were like totally different from their Firefly/Serenity personas! Simon (err, Sheldon) was the one with the big crush on Kaylee (um, Loretta) and she was the one to wake up and finally realize she felt the same way! ;-)
Was there any Firefly injokes?
On the first viewing I didn't notice any definitive Firefly injokes, and I was hoping to see a few gems cleverly placed throughout. But alas... injoke sprinkles did not seem to be the case. (Not even a strawberry pie in plain sight? Shucks...)

Perhaps the pairing of Jewel and Sean was strong enough as it was, and placing Firefly Easter eggs might have proved too distracting. The show could have become less of a Warehouse 13 episode and too much of a vehicle for a Firefly reunion... not that a reunion themed episode is a bad thing of course...

I liked both of their characters in this episode and they were believable to the story. They still have such great energy together, but really were different people for this ep... in spite of the silly made-in-good-fun comment I made above... heh...
Well thanks for letting me know. I've never watched the show but SFX said it had a very strong second half during its first season so I might give it a shot sometime.
I wouldn't really watch this show again, but it was fun to see Sean Maher and Jewel Staite - both pretty much look exactly the same. That cast was so full of gorgeous people, seriously.

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