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July 13 2010

Joss Whedon at the Melbourne Writers Festival. Joss will deliver the keynote address -- "about his ongoing love affair with the popular, and his fascination with outsider heroes, strong women, and the uses and abuses of power" -- at this year's festival, on August 27. Tickets go on sale Friday at 11:00 AM.

There are times - like right now. Where I frickin' HATE the decision I made to move to Brisbane.
There are no words to describe how excited I am about this.
I wish I knew how much the tickets were now so I knew how feasible it would be to fly to Melbourne for this. Anyone know how to find out even approximate pricing before Friday?
So I'm in Wellington. I'm trying to talk myself into or talk myself out of going to this.
Maybe @MelbWritersFest on Twitter could answer the cost question?
Or you could email them I think? Personally I'm made of squee right now.
Lucky Aussies. I guess it's about time you guys got a Joss event. :)
Jeez, first Sydney gets Kevin Smith, now Melbourne gets Joss. Throw Queensland a bone people!
Man, that sounds so damn inspiring!
I'm in Melbourne and I got paid today, so I'll definitely try for tickets on Friday. I was lucky enough to see Joss when he came out here for the Serenity pre-screenings and it would be a real treat to see him again. I'm sure it will sell out fast, so fingers crossed!
Apparently it will be adults$55/ Concession$50.
I am so there.
I always wanted to go to Australia...anyone got two grand for airfare for me?? :)
I live in Melbourne and I've never met Joss, so all of you need to hold off on Friday morning. :P

Seriously, though, I'm bouncing right off the gorram walls right now. I REFUSE to miss out on tickets. I will be refreshing that page repeatedly, starting at 10:30.
I'm with Kaan - throw Queensland a frickin' bone! We love Joss too!! Though, it's not just Joss that's going to be in Melbourne - one of my favourite authors is going to be in Melbourne for World-Con/AussieCon 2010, at the start of September.
Why is Joss in Australia anyway? Surely it's a long way to come for just one panel. Could he be scouting for The Avengers? (Are they filming that here?)
At least some of you are in the country and are legal adults who can reasonably (or insanely) choose to spend their money however they see fit. I'm just a humble 16 year old in Virginia with no hope of ever going to this (or any other) writer's event or convention for a long time. Joss will probably be a geriatric lecturer by then.
Why is Joss in Australia? Well...(complete speculation) Dollhouse is up for a Hugo Award, which, conveniently, is being presented in Melbourne the following weekend, so maybe he'll be at World-Con/AussieCon as well?

And, if he happened to be hanging around in Melbourne for a week, I'd be delighted to have him around for dinner. I'd even bake cake. :)
YAAAAAY! It's been almost 5 years since I saw him last. :)
Oh wow. A chance to see Joss that's not completely out of my budget, you say? And only a jump across the ditch?

I really want to go, but will need to find out test and assignment dates from uni next week first. Tickets will sell fast though, I guess.

Buy first, figure out details later.

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Why is Joss in Australia?

Maybe The Avengers is shooting there as well as Manhattan?
I don't get it Simon, are you saying Joss and The Avengers movie are in some way connected ?

Sounds cool, listening to the Purple Dub talk about writing is as satisfying as listening to him talk about anything else, only moreso (random rec for his 'The Write Environment' session).
He's also going to something in Sydney, but that's a good question about why he's in Australia. He's a busy guy and I doubt those to things would make it worth coming all this way... *ponders*
Someone must be there to decently record this for prompt YouTubing! :)
Oh man, who do I need to beg/bribe/blackmail/sleep with to get a ticket for this?

Especially given there's a CSTS screening and Dr Horrible Sing-A-Long also on in Melbourne THE VERY NEXT DAY.

See you all there?

ETA- alicepire What's happening in Sydney? I've not heard of any other events that Joss will be at- link please?

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OMG I'm moving to Melbourne on the 5th. I am totally going. :D
Why is Joss in Australia?

Or he could be looking for a new home in somewhere in the South hemisphere (crossing fingers).
At a guess they're flying him across for the event, keynote speaker and all.
Got my tickets - they went on sale to subscribers to the MWF e-bulletin about an hour ago
URL is
ETA - just realised I was scooped by a new thread.

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Dammit, I knew Sydney was going to pay for having the huge line-up at Supanova. I'd drop everything to fly over and listen to Joss, but I realistically don't think I could justify the trip. Oh heck, I'm going to try my hardest to be there.

ETA: @Alicepire, what will Joss be attending in Sydney? I, too, haven't heard a peep.

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He's doing an event at the Opera House, with an announcement to come next week (via SOHnews on twitter).
I read that the Avengers is going to be shooting in NYC. Can't wait!
He's doing an event at the Opera House, with an announcement to come next week (via SOHnews on twitter).

You've just made my day.

loving living in melbourne. theyre on sale right now, dont know what 11:00 on friday was all about...
Got mah tickets. WOOT!
Someone must be there to decently record this for prompt YouTubing! :)
J Linc | July 14, 13:58 CET

Yes please, if possible. :)
I'll do my best :)
I'm so excited about this! Joss is the final hero on my list to see/meet before I die. Crossed Neil Gaiman off at the same festival a few years ago. ^_^

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