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July 14 2010

Dr. Horrible White Lab Coat Shirt. QMX is now offering a Dr. Horrible Lab coat t-shirt. Maybe time to start thinking about your Halloween or CSTS outfit...

While this one is white, my fingers are crossed that they will offer one in red in the future.

That's cute. Is the pocket real?
Not sure - to me it looks like the pocket is just part of the image design.
The pocket and buttons on the Dr. Horrible Lab Coat T-shirt are graphics. :)
There's a more artsy take on both labcoats on Cafepress... they've been there for a while. Probably a nice alternative to a hot convention costume.
its like those tuxedo shirts, but cooler....and evil
I actually was Dr. Horrible for halloween. I couldn't find a cheap labcoat that looked right, so I ended up making it myself. It turned out pretty cool actually.
Maybe my eyes/memory are btrying me, but I don't recall DrH having those Hermes/Medicine snakes in his pocket.
its like those tuxedo shirts, but cooler....and evil

There's nothing more evil than those tuxedo shirts... except lack of capitalization :(.

(sets bait for a certain twitter user)
Brasilian Chaos Man, that was there on his pocket. You can see it on this picture:
Thanks Walkdogger.
My memory is realy something more in the size of a disket than a HD.
Ooooh, goodie. My Mal constume had too many layers for DragonCon :)
It's also available for purchase from ThinkGeek.

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